Female Fronted Acts To Take 2013 By Storm

By Alice Aylett Roberts

It's clear that 2012 had some big music highlights; PSY's “Gangnam Style” spawned a thousand spoofs, Alt J stormed their way to Mercury Music Prize glory and my personal favourite song of the year - Nick Clegg's I'm Sorry took everyone a little by surprise.

In particular, 2012 brought us some great music from female artists such as Adele, Emeli Sandé, Lianne La Havas and Azealia Banks.

There has already been much speculation in the media about who are going to be the top musical acts of 2013, but who are the female artists and girl-fronted bands that we'll be listening to during the coming year?



This Glasgow-based trio is fronted by vocalist Lauren Mayberry. Her alluring, sing-song vocals are a perfect complement to their electro-pop melodies. Heavy synths accompany their recent singles “Lies” and “The Mother We Share”, which goes halfway to explaining Mayberry’s oft-sported New Romantic face paint.



Sky Ferreira

This little whippersnapper has been busy during her 20 years on Earth; with two EPs already released, half a dozen singles and an album due to arrive in early 2013, Sky Ferreira is finally on track to break through. Her latest single “Everything is Embarrassing” marks a new direction for the singer, who started out with conventional pop songs when she was 17. Nowadays, her songs and highly stylised 80s videos clearly channel Madonna during her Desperately Seeking Susan phase.




Winners of the BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll, Haim have got a lot of hype surrounding them at the moment. The success of these 3 sisters from California is particularly surprising since their music features of odd blend of Fleetwood Mac-inspired nu folk with elements of RnB and pop. However, judging by the first few tracks released from their forthcoming debut album, these high expectations seem to be justified.



Wild Belle

Brother and sister duo Wild Belle are fast becoming the darlings of music-loving fashionistas thanks to their soulful, Afrobeat infused music and stylish videos. Recent single “It's Too Late” features some killer saxophone (surely the most underused instrument of modern pop music?) and the accompanying video is a hazy ode to 70s fashion and culture. Their debut album, Isles will be released in March 2013.




Josephine has been plugging away on the British music scene since early 2010 and is finally being rewarded for this with spots on the Radio 2 playlist and Jools Holland. This 30-year-old has been making music for many years but as her debut album Portrait was only released in October 2012, it’s likely that the best is still to come from the Mancunian singer-songwriter.



Icona Pop

Clashing with the mellow 70s musical stylings of HAIM and Wild Belles are the sassy Scandinavian duo Icona Pop, who are unashamedly influenced by 90s dance. Their summer anthem “I Love It” is a modern ode to mid-90s Europop, which features British singer and fellow 90s aficionado Charli XCX. After a packed 2012 playing their Swedish synthpop tunes on sweaty dance floors all over Europe, you can expect to see much more of Icona Pop in the coming year.




Although Beyonce’s little sister released her first album back in 2008, it seems as if she has only recently hit her stride with the electronica-infused “Losing You” at the end of last year. With the release of her latest EP True in January 2013, fans are hoping that this year will also see the arrival of a new full-length album.



2013 is also set to bring us some musical treats from more established female artists including new albums from Katy B, Ciara and 

Azealia Banks. Hotly rumoured new releases are also expected from pop songstress Katy Perry, a third outing for Lady Gaga entitled ARTPOP and a new record from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to follow their 2009 release It’s Blitz

Main image via Snooch's Flickr

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