Four Fabulous Alternative Female Fronted Bands

By Lia Schopmeyer

I have always had a huge admiration for female singers.

Gwen Stefani remains my number one girl crush and I will always adore her and No Doubt.

They are one of the most famous female-fronted bands of all time. Stefani is the face and the soul of it all. Growing up, I found their music incredibly empowering. So much so that me and my best friend made Rock Steady our anthem.

While there has been a huge rise of female singers and girl groups over the last decade, they have predominantly been in pop/rock. Or so the charts will have us believe.

I am very much into indie folk pop and singer/songwriter type music. It is undeniable that I listen to more male  voices than female ones.

However, the female voices always stand out - in a unique way that no frontman could achieve. Their vocals and personalities often become the absolute backbone of their bands. 

Here is my pick of my favourite alternative female-fronted bands that you should definitely be listening to:


Best Coast



Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno deliver incredibly catchy lo-fi  tunes. Cosentino writes about  her feelings in the simplest way whilst delivering dream-like melodies. She is the vocalist/guitarist and  Bruno plays a variety of other instruments. Their album Crazy For You is exactly what you want to hear when your heart aches.  Notable lyrics include: “I lost my job, I miss my mum, I wish my cat could talk”. Hmm, possibly not one to stick on for too long when depressed.


Wir sind Helden



This German indie pop band emerged from Hamburg in 2000. They quickly became chart toppers with songs that refuse to leave your head. The band name translates to We are Heroes and they are, indeed, heroes of German pop. Judith Holofernes is the lead vocalist, with her incredibly soft feminine voice which gives this band the edge. You may not understand the songs but you will definitely want to listen to them again and again.





This Denver wife-husband duo have been making music under the simple band name Tennis since 2010. Their latest studio album Young&Old was released in February this year. Their fuzzy dream-pop is led by Alaina Moore’s voice which is reminiscent of strong female funk.  


Allo Darlin’



The discovery of this band has made me incredibly happy in the last year. Allo Darlin’ are the very best of indie and twee pop from London, UK. Elizabeth Morris plays the ukulele and carries the songs with her feather light voice. Their latest album Europe has a more in-depth and focused sound compared to their self-titled debut album. A great live band too!

What all these bands have in common are strong women and the permission they grant listeners to daydream. Grab a cup of tea and have a listen, you will not regret it!

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