Girls Series 2: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

By Cate Sevilla

As you may have noticed from the "OMG GIRLS" tweets the last few days, series two of Girls is back, and airing only one day behind the States. (Which is basically amazing.)

Last night Sky Atlantic previewed the first two episodes of the new series of the Golden Globe Award winning show, and both episodes were absolutely fantastic. There is a lot of hype around this show, but if you actually take the time to watch it, it is that good. Really.

Season two started off with a bang, and instead of spoiling things for you or giving you an in depth analysis of both episodes, I've shared the big things I took away from the premier episodes.

1. Marnie is a Gorgeous, Hot Mess

GIRLS Series 2

In a good way. Marnie, she who is so uptight she even annoys herself, really has no choice these days but to lighten up. Her life starts to look a bit Hannah Season One, and I like it. We last left Marnie drunk at Jessa's surprise wedding, making out with that sweet guy who made horrible jokes - and we meet up with her again in ways you couldn't possibly imagine. It's awesome. And awkward. But mostly awesome. 

2. Hannah is Making an Attempt at Being Sane


GIRLS series 2

It could all be temporary, but the Hannah we left sitting onn the beach, stuffing her face with cake is not necessarily the girl we see in episode one of season two. It almost feels like we rushed forward a year (or super thoughtful and life changing Summer) and Hannah has figured a thing or two out. She seems more patient and more self assured. However, something tells me she's not exactly got it all figured out...

3. Elijah is Amazing

GIRLS Series 2

While he was sort of The Nemesis in season one, now that he's moved in with Hannah and made peace with Marnie, he's amazing and exactly what the show was missing. He gives a sane but bitchy balance to the girls of Girls as he's much more straight forward and no BS than the rest of the crew. (Aside from Jessa, who we barely see. Which brings me to this...)

4. More Jessa, Please!

GIRLS Series 2

Jessa was the focal point of the end of season one, and we barely see her at all in the first two episodes. As much as I love Elijah and Shoshanna, Jessa is the high point of the show for me. I'm wondering how Jemima Kirke's pregnancy will be played out, if at all, in the show - or if her notable absence from many scenes is how it will be handled? 

5. Those Issues

GIRLS Series 2

The biggest criticism of Lena Dunham from the start of Girls was the lack of people of colour in the show. Aside from a black homeless man and an Asian coworker - the cast of Girls was very, very white. So, Dunham decided to tackle that head on from the start of season two with the introduction of Sandy. Sandy, who we meet first time while he's having sex with Hannah (obviously) is also a Republican, and both the colour of his skin and his politics are subject of a big scene in episode two.

It seems as though Dunham and her crew are starting this season like they're meaning to go on (and on, and on...), and I was pleased that the issue was addressed so quickly without it feeling forced.

Overall, the new season is exactly what you would hope for. It's crass, it's rude, it's awkward, it's brilliantly funny, and - above all else - whether or not Girls is the voice of a generation, it's bloody entertaining. 

Girls is on Sky Atlantic HD Mondays at 10pm.

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