LadyHawke's Music Inspired Art Labels for Becks

By Cate Sevilla

As part of Beck’s “Art & Music” promotion, LadyHawke and Hard-Fi have designed “Music Inspired Art Labels” for limited edition bottles of Becks.

While I’m not exactly a huge fan of Becks (I used to be, until I discovered Anchor Steam) these fantastic labels are enough for me to want to buy a few bottles of Becks. Even if I will just be dumping out the beer.

LadyHawke’s labels were illustrated by Sydney-based artist, Sarah Larnach, who lived with LadyHawke back when she was first getting started on her music career. Larnach explained that  living with Pip Brown gave her tremendous insight into her world.

From UFOs, dinosaurs and video games, Sarah’s illustrated depictions of LadyHawke’s universe have been used on LadyHawke’s singles and album. While the illustrations may not directly reflect what the song is about, they reflect what LadyHawke is about, as a person.

Brown and Larnach explain that when they were coming up with the illustrations for the Becks labels, they not only drank a lot of Becks, but became obsessed with the dioramas at museums. As a result, the LadyHawke Becks labels have a self described “natural history feel” to them.

From a howling wolf to Pip reaching out her arm to a hawke (get it? It’s a LADY with a HAWKE!) Larnach and Brown’s LadyHawke labels are pretty damn cool.

LadyHawke Becks Label

Now if only Becks tasted nice...
Tue, 29 Sep 2009 16:00 (GMT+01)
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