Music Of The Month: January

By Stephanie Jones

There isn’t always a great deal of cheer to be had in the cold wintery weeks that follow the high of the Christmas and New Year buzz. What we can enjoy is the promise of what the music industry has in store for the coming year, and if January is anything to go by, 2013 promises to be a pretty good year!

Return of the Greats

Perhaps the biggest news of the New Year was the release of David Bowie’s first single in 10 years ‘Where Are We Now’. A hint of what’s to come from the album, due for release in March, the single has secured a top ten place in opening charts of 2013. The track is a grower but whether you’re new to Bowie or an avid fan listening to this track alone through your headphones is a must!

Not the only artist to announce a comeback this month we see the return of ‘Mr Trouser snake’ himself Justin Timberlake, and arguably one of the greatest girl bands ever, Destiny’s Child. Their new album Love Songs (due for release 29th of January) includes a reworked mix of the most romantic tunes in their collection with the addition of new track ‘Nuclear’. With a distinct hint of the 90’s in the back beats the track affirms why these ladies have always stayed at the top of their game.

There is no time to over indulge in nostalgia though with some exciting new artists releasing singles this month also!

Azealia Banks

BBD (Bad Bitches Do It) was released on New Year’s Day. Ahead of the release of Azealia’s first single that will be available for you to buy in your hands, this track is not set to feature on her forthcoming album, Broke With Expensive Taste (release date 12th February). It follows a line of recent releases from the EP1991 which promise an interesting and controversial album from a young woman who is not afraid to say what others won’t.


Her first solo EP was released towards the end of last year and now Syron returns with her single ‘Waterproof’ which will be the first many will have heard from the artist. A dance tune accompanied by great lyrics makes this a track that will stick with you. It's safe to say we will be hearing a lot more about this lady in the coming months.

Blood Red Shoes

If rock is  more your thing Blood Red Shoes are a band returning with the release of their EP The Water this month. With a past heavily influenced by 90’s rock (Nirvana, Pixies etc) those already fans won’t be disappointed. Vocalist Laura-Mary Carter adds a grungy feel to the track ‘Red River’ that hits you right between the eyes from the start.

Wolf Alice

Finally Wolf Alice will be releasing their new single ‘Fluffy’ in early February and are set to play at the NME Awards at the same time. Tipped to be a big thing this year I really love this band and the voice of lead singer Ellie Roswell.

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