Exclusive Chat with Jonathan Ross about Doctor Who

By Kate Kotler

Here's the thing about Comic Con: You just never know who you're going to run into. Chances are if you wander around enough you're going to see someone famous. 

Examples: On Friday I was wandering the exhibition hall with two friends and we ran across Lou Ferrigno, aka THE Incredible Hulk. Saturday, I stepped out for a quick smoke (oh deal with it,) and Battlestar Gallactica star, James Callis (aka, Dr. Gaius Balter,) lit my cigarette...

This morning, fresh from winning a Doctor Who tote bag at the BBCAmerica booth (I'm totally your girl where DW trivia is concerned) who did I stumble upon outside Ballroom 20? Awesome late night BBC presenter, Jonathan Ross and his two lovely daughters, Honey and Betty. He was nice enough to stop to chat with me; and, to share some exclusive photos of David Tennant...

Excuse me, are you Jonathan Ross?

Yes, I am.

I'm Kate from BitchBuzz.com - we're a women's lifestyle network based in the UK and San Francisco Bay Area.

A blog?

Yes, pretty much.

All blogs are good blogs. We're just coming from the Doctor Who panel, did you go?

No, I missed it!

Oh dear! Well, would BitchBuzz like an exclusive photo of David Tennant sticking his bum out at me?

Um, yes please!

There... there are my girls with Russell T. and David. And, here (shows me the photo of David Tennant) how'd you like a slice of that action?

I would love a slice of that action, Jonathan Ross! You're my knight in shining armor, I feel like I've been chasing David Tennant all over Comic Con.

Exclusive David Tennant Photo, Courtesty of Jonathan Ross

Well you kinda almost found him, via me.

Well I found you, I love your show - I actually have a question for you...


I was talking with a BBCer last night and he was like "Jonathan Ross is coming to BBCAmerica; and, he gets the great interviews!" And, I wanted to know, how do you get the great interviews?

Well you know, I'm lucky, because I've got the might of the BBC behind me.

You do, you have the BBC.

So people want to come and talk to me for that reason. And, I know how tough it is for you guys, having to find them; and, then get [celebrities] to find the time because so many people want to speak to them. But, mine... because it's been going for so long, and people know it's there, [celebrities] know almost regardless people are going to watch. They're watching for David and for all the great guests and it kind of feeds off itself, really, so we're lucky.

Fantastic! I've been downloading you online for years... uh, illegally.

God bless you! I hope just the show and not the home movies... You're welcome to it! I occasionally download American shows. But it's great that they're showing BBC; not just my show, which I'm really pleased about - but, Doctor Who - it's so much closer to being broadcast here. You missed some great things at the panel. They showed two great clips. You know the Master's coming back, don't you?

I do know that, I'm kind of the uber-Who fangirl.

Ah, it's really exciting!

The reason [BitchBuzz] sent me down here to cover Comic Con because being the fangirl is kind of my schtick.

You're the Who-Girl! It's all such great fun, the girls are lucky enough to have met David. Once David came around and we watched Doctor Who with him sitting on the floor eating pizza next to us.

How was that, Harvey... uh, Honey?

That's Honey, she's just stolen her brother's pass.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Honey! How was that for you?

HR: Actually it was really fun.

Was that exciting?

HR: Yeah! It was like the coolest thing ever!

JR: What was cool was David - he was watching the screen a little bit; but, then he was looking at the girls, at their faces, to see how they were responding to the show.

So you're big Doctor Who fans?

HR: Very much!

Are you having fun geeking out at Comic Con, Jonathan Ross?

Yes! Normally, the girls [are in costume.] Betty was Sailor Moon and Honey was from a manga, I can't remember which one, but a beautiful long full flowing gown. And, I've got an Ash from Pokemon outfit that I haven't worn yet - I have to wear that this afternoon, girls. I've gotta go now - she needs a cigarette, she needs a drink. Nice talking to you, Adorkable Grrl!

Nice talking to you, Jonathan Ross!

Watch Jonathan Ross on BBC1 and soon coming to BBCAmerica! You can also follow him on Twitter @wossy. You can follow Kate's live Comic Con coverage @adorkablegrrl or #BitchBuzz

Sun, 26 Jul 2009 21:02 (GMT+01)
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Adorkable Grrl... LOL. You are too much dear. Love Doctor Who and I wish they'd just release them all on Blue Ray as a complete collectors set from earliest to latest. I'd pay big to get them all at once. Let them know that! LOL. Oh and my daughter still gets weepy over the last Rose and Doctor episode where he almost gets to tell her he loves her, but when he does, it's too late... Ahttp://www... Keep up the good work!

Sun, 26-Jul-2009 23:29 GMT

Sadly, Doctor Who will never be released on Blu-Ray (series 1-4 in 2005-2008) as it was recorded in low-def originally. So putting it on blu-ray would not produce a better picture than current DVDs... sad but true. :(

They switched to HD in 2009 for Doctor Who and Torchwood - the first HD episode was Planet of the Dead. So the new 5th series may turn up on blu-ray in late 2010 but not 1-4.

I thought it was a lovely interview too, I think Jonathan Ross is a star and an adorkable geek himself!

Mon, 27-Jul-2009 00:20 GMT

Kzinti -- tell your daughter that I cry at the Rose/Doctor last eppie; but, that I feel better b/c of what happens at the end of Series 4 (you've seen it, yes?)

Thank you both for your lovely comments. It was a thrill to chase David Tennant all over the con for BitchBuzz this weekend; and, I encourage you to keep your eyes on BB as I have an exclusive Doctor Who interview coming up... maybe not for con and not in person... but, it's EXCITING STUFF!

Jonathan Ross was indeed very lovely and I was so blown away by his generosity in chatting with me and sharing that picture of David -- clearly this piece is a big hit! Yay! I have always been a fan; but, am an uber-Wossy fan now! :)

Can you believe his tweet of our site URL crashed the server? NUTS!

Comic Con has been exciting for me as a writer and a geek girl; but, I'm really looking forward to getting home to my dog, my own bed and some quiet time. :)

Thx for reading my dears!

Mon, 27-Jul-2009 05:05 GMT

Am insanely jealous that you met J Ross. Sounds amazing! Great interview.

Mon, 27-Jul-2009 13:38 GMT

JR also very kindly offered tickets and a meet n greet at his show for an auction prize for the charity I work for after we cheekily asked him on Twitter. The people who won had a fantastic time and thought he was brilliant - so I'm not surprised you got such a great reception.

Fab reporting - nicely done! And that picture... he's only missing the Morrissey daffodils hanging from the back pocket...

Mon, 27-Jul-2009 13:47 GMT

Thank you so, so much for that photo. I am a happy woman now.

Julie Cohen
Mon, 27-Jul-2009 18:16 GMT

^ comment is SUPER SUPER strange and funny...

But, not as funny as this: http://culture.bitchbuzz.com/our-exclusive-chat-with-jonathan-ross-about.html

Tue, 19-Jan-2010 23:07 GMT

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