Valentino: Master of Couture at Somerset House

The best thing about fashion exhibitions is that they provide an opportunity to gawp at expensive clothes. They offer freedom from the attentions of snooty sales assistants and the oh-so-loaded question, “can I help you at all?”The obvious answer is: “of course you can! Lend me £2000.00 so that I can buy that beaded cocktail dress”.

07 Aug 2012 13:43 GMT

Culture Crush: Adam Buxton and BUG

Everyone should have access to Sky Atlantic. It would improve the flow of dinner table conversations and make pub chatter far more inclusive.It simply isn’t fair that so many people have been missing out on their Monday night comedy spectaculars. It started with the triumphant return of Alan Partridge and the arrival of Armando Iannucci’s ...

06 Aug 2012 13:18 GMT

Why I Want Anne Hathaway as my BFF

Isn’t Anne Hathaway a babe? Like seriously, not even just a babe, she’s bloody clever, too. And funny. And I’m totally biased: I wrote this when I came out of the cinema after seeing The Dark Knight Rises. 

03 Aug 2012 15:15 GMT

Our Interview with the Fabulous Gabby Young

There was one question that I was absolutely bursting to ask Gabby Young.Ashamedly, it wasn’t about her eclectic “circus swing” sound or her youthful operatic ambitions. No, it was far more frivolous than that. It was about how she kept her bright red hair so bright and shiny.Oh, that hair! That cascading pillar box-red hair, trimmed with flowers and butterflies and twirled into Marie Antoinette wedding-cake confections! For the record, she attributes it to bi-monthly salon visi...

03 Aug 2012 09:22 GMT

Introducing Alt-J and their 'Awesome Wave'

Alt-J is – strictly speaking – a command on a Mac that will produce the delta sign. Like so: △ (If you are a Windows user then you might just have to click on the symbols tablet and find it yourself. Sorry.)However, pretty symbols aside, Alt-J also produces fine music. In fact, this band from Cambridge has blown me away with their debut album An Awesome Wave. 

02 Aug 2012 14:22 GMT

Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum

There was a time when the words “Swarovski” and “design” brought to mind crystal swans and teddy bears, normally sitting on Granny’s mantelpiece. Shiny? Yes. Tasteful? Not so much.This has all changed over the past decade, with Swarovski aligning itself with some of the biggest names in contemporary architecture and design. Collaborations with the likes of 

01 Aug 2012 09:31 GMT

Review: The World's 1st Photobooth Festival

It can be difficult to review the “first ever” of anything. This is mainly due to the problem of having nothing to compare it to. Sod all of that, I am prepared to loudly and proudly declare that the first ever Photobooth Festival by Boothnation was a complete success.

24 Jul 2012 15:22 GMT

Culture Crush: Lindy West

Lindy West burst into the journalistic spotlight in a furious flurry of all-caps, exclamation marks and knob/vagina gags.If you are a fan of all those things then it is pretty likely that you'll be a fan of West’s writing. She’s one of those super-talented writers who manages to make serious, right-on points in a funny and non-preachy way.

24 Jul 2012 10:00 GMT

Must See: Vikki Stone's "Hot Mess" at Edinburgh Fringe

If you’re one of the lucky little birds headed up to Scotland for Edinburgh Fringe, I have one recommendation for you: go and see Vikki Stone.Stone’s show at last year’s Fringe, “Big Neon Letters”, was given four stars in the The Scotsman (“really very good stand-up, and she delivers quite a punch”) and the Observer recommended it as one of their top five acts to go see at the festival. Her sho...

23 Jul 2012 09:35 GMT

The World's 1st Photobooth Festival

Do you enjoy posing in hilarious hats for photographs with your friends? Is Instagram no longer providing you with sufficient photographic thrills? Do you miss the days when £2.50 and stick of Rimmel Heather Shimmer could provide hours of photobooth fun? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you need to haul your ass down to The World’s First Photobooth Festival this ...

20 Jul 2012 10:00 GMT

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