No Doubt Are Back with New Single "Settle Down"

The last No Doubt single was released NINE YEARS ago. Think of all the crazy shit featuring the initials “N.D.” that has happened since then! Highlights include: N-Dubz, Nadine Dorries and, erm...Nickelback...?

19 Jul 2012 09:00 GMT

Wine Tasting With a Difference at Loki

Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade has enjoyed something of a renaissance over the past couple of years. It is now a thriving community of independent retailers, from the wonderful vintage charity shop, Forgotten Vintage, to the foodie treasure trove that is Anderson and Hill.The arcade’s newest arrival is Loki – an independent wine merchant and tasting house with a twist.

17 Jul 2012 09:21 GMT

Film Review: Katy Perry: Part Of Me

Last night I did something I never thought I would do: I willingly went to the cinema, and paid to go see a film about Katy Perry.My relationship with Katy Perry has been an odd one. Up until about a month ago, I would listen to her songs but was reluctant to like her. There was always something about her that bugged me - at first I thought it was the irresponsible lyrics in "TGIF", or...

12 Jul 2012 10:52 GMT

The Return of Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor provided the soundtrack to my twenties. I remember seeing her live and thinking that she was, quite possibly, the coolest and most talented person to ever sit at a piano.Warbling along to the entire of her 2006 album, Begin to Hope, is up there with screeching along to Jagged Little Pill in terms of all-round sing-a-long satisfaction. Even my next-door neighbours would agree (or not).

10 Jul 2012 10:30 GMT

'Fifty Shades' of STFU

Just when I thought the rumpus was dying down a bit, another batch of articles about the Fifty Shades Phenomenon surface in the national press. "Everyone's reading it... ooh, isn't it naughty... let's laugh at the 'mummy porn'... aren't women idiots?" Those may not be actual quote...

06 Jul 2012 09:30 GMT

WTF Tourist Attractions in the UK

Here are three more unusual days out to enjoy here in the UK this summer. Each one is packed with charm, adequate on site parking and a considerable “WTF?” factor.Predictably, they offer bounteous “fun for all the family, come rain or shine”. You simply can't argue with logic like that.

28 Jun 2012 10:00 GMT

The Impossible Cool from Sonic Editions

As much as I love art, I'm not exactly sure I fancy spending loads of money on it. (Not yet anyway. Reckon I need to have my own house first.)However, with the help of Sonic Editions, owning framed, gorgeous works of (photographic) art is now possible. 

27 Jun 2012 13:41 GMT

Doctor Whooves: The Doctor as a My Little Pony

Do you love Doctor Who? Do you love My Little Pony? Prepare to have your mind blown.Doctor Whooves is a new animated fan series that, according to i09, promises to "show the secret role the Doctor played in the pilot episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." 

25 Jun 2012 10:38 GMT

Will Brave Deliver the 1st Feminist Disney Princess?

I've always had to separate my devoted Disney fandom from my feelings about the pink princess franchise. But with the release of Brave just around the corner, have we finally got a princess any woman can be proud of?With her bright red, unruly hair and childlike frame, Princess Merida is already unusual among her peers. Seeming younger and certainly more lively, she trumps even Mulan in the tomboy stakes, despite dragging around some impressively swishy medie...

20 Jun 2012 09:20 GMT

The Best Movie Trailers Re-Cut as Horror Films

How impressive a trailer is can make or break a film. Trailers like Snow White and the Huntsman are, quite frankly, amazing. Trailers such as the one for Miley Cyrus's new film LOL, are not amazing. They are very, very bad. (No doubt because the films are very, very bad.)

14 Jun 2012 10:00 GMT

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