Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut)

The surviving Pythons will be reuniting in NYC on October 15th for the premiere of a new six-part doco series that will be airing on the IFC channel October 18th-23rd.  In addition to the documentary and timed to 40th Anniversary of the creation of Monty Python, The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) will award The Pythons with a Special Award honoring their outstanding contribution to film and television.

19 Aug 2009 12:21 GMT

Olympus Stories of the Eye Competition

Fancy yourself as the next Tim Walker? With most of us having a camera on us at all times, whether that be integrated into your phone, or an actual camera, we have all become at least sporadic photographers. To celebrate 50 years of the classic PEN camera, and the launch of the EP-1, Olympus hav...

18 Aug 2009 15:00 GMT

Imogen Heap: 3 Years In the Making

I remember falling in love with Frou Frou's Let Go after seeing Garden State in 2004, and continued falling more and more in love with the track (and, frankly, with the entire album) after each play of the film's soundtrack. (Honestly, who didn't? That must be one of the best movie soundtracks of all time.)

18 Aug 2009 09:57 GMT

A Very Potter Musical: Voldy Dances & Zefron's a Horcrux!

More often than not, YouTube is the place where bad home videos go to die or be glorified. But every once in awhile you find some content worth watching - like A Very Potter Musical. The musical combines plots from books one, four, six, and seven with hilarious lyrics and pop culture references. The play itself was performed at the University of Michigan and filmed for friends and family. Since airing on YouTube last month, it has been an internet smash.

14 Aug 2009 18:00 GMT

Women To Watch: Part 2 of Our Interview with Hope Larson

Part two of Kate Kotler's interview with the fabulous cartoonist, Hope Larson. When we last left Kate and Hope, Hope was discussing what it's like to be a female cartoonist in a male dominated industry... 

14 Aug 2009 11:30 GMT

Vice Photo Exhibition Launch

Today sees the launch of the Vice photo exhibition, and last night, The Printspace in East London, where the exhibition will be held until 26th August, was awash with Pear Magners, Doc Martins, and enough American Apparell to put Nathan B...

13 Aug 2009 14:00 GMT

Julie & Julia: Female-Friendly, But Why The Cattiness?

I went with a girl friend to see the new film Julie and Julia which was just about what I had expected from the pen of Nora Ephron and from the reviews I had read up to that point. 

13 Aug 2009 10:00 GMT

Vice Photo Exhibition Launches this Week

To celebrate their annual photo issue, Vice Magazine are holding a photo exhibition in association with G Shock, which will launch this week in London, before touring around Spain, Italy and France.

11 Aug 2009 15:00 GMT

How To Have the Perfect Day Trip To Paris with Eurostar

Recently, I was invited by Eurostar to take a day fashion day trip to Paris as part of their Little Break, Big Difference campaign.  If you’re big on the fashion blogs in London, you’ve no doubt read about this event already, from similar perspectives, all describing the exact same event. You’ve seen the photos, and the video, and I highly doubt you’re interested in another regurgitation of the same trip, or a play by play of my entire...

10 Aug 2009 14:24 GMT

Going to The Great British Beer Festival? Stick with Melissa Cole

No matter how much you love beer, you may want to think twice before going to the Great British Beer festival. Or, you might just want to get your head around what it’s really like before you go.Laura Silver and I attended the GBBF earlier this week, and what a night it was.

07 Aug 2009 15:07 GMT

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