Books To Curl Up With This Autumn

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the clocks go back, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is go back out again. Sure, I have yoga classes and office Christmas parties (I know, right? IN NOVEMBER!) to attend and I’ll probably have fun when I get there. But, let’s face it, they don’t offer much opportunity to wear a chunky jumper and slippers or warm my hands on a mug of hot chocolate. Thankfully, curling up with a good book does.

02 Nov 2012 10:00 GMT

Bond Finally Enters Our Brave New World

The James Bond films are fantasies that have entertained generations of both genders. The clever gadgets, glamorous international backdrops, Bond's dry wit and the simple evil of the villains have crafted a brand of escapism as other-worldly as the Harry Potter franchise. But after 22 films, the fantasy had become repetitive and irrelevant to modern audiences. It is not just the character of Bond that could be accused of being “a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of t...

01 Nov 2012 11:30 GMT

How (Not) to Make it in Britpop

Rosie Wilby's stand-up show How (Not) to Make it in Britpop goes on a UK tour in November, starting this Thursday in Leicester. Rosie is publishing an accompanying e-book, about her time spent in the 90s gigging around North London with her band Wilby. Yo...

31 Oct 2012 16:30 GMT

The Ladies of the Mercury and MOBO Awards

Two of the most respected events in the British music calendar are upon us. The Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize and MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards offer a chance to celebrate the best and most unique albums and artists of the year. They provide a great opportunity to reflect on some of the best music and introduce new talent, including some seriou...

31 Oct 2012 10:00 GMT

Culture Crush: 5 Reasons to Love Rob Delaney

If you're a regular Twitter user, chances are you'll have seen some retweets of a hairy-chested man on a beach sporting a pair of bright green Speedos at least a few times. Either that, or you will follow the so-called 'Twitter comedian' Rob Delaney yourself.

30 Oct 2012 14:30 GMT

The Spooky Songstress Playlist

I live for Halloween, it's my favourite day of the year. I love everything about it; people dressing the way they really want to for a day, how much make-up it suddenly becomes acceptable to wear, blood as an accessory, but mostly I love the general air of spookiness... Alas, it pains me to admit that I find sometimes, musically at least, it can get a little bit repetitive.

26 Oct 2012 09:30 GMT

BitchBuzz's Guide to Halloween: Part 2

In part 2 of our Halloween spectacular, Amy Rutter looks at ways to get back in touch with your inner-child. And maybe a few other spirits along the way...   Halloween. It’s just for carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating with the little’uns, right? Wrong. Halloween is no longer just for the kids. There’s an array of different stuff to do for any age group, all over the UK.

25 Oct 2012 13:00 GMT

The Best Witches in Books

A.K.A. The White Witch, Jadis reigns over Narnia with terrifying force. She has plunged the land into an endless winter and enforces her rule with a band of vicious wolves, dwarves and werewolves. The whole forest is under her spell – with trees that whisper and creatures entranced to do her bidding.

24 Oct 2012 13:30 GMT

BitchBuzz's Guide to Halloween: Part 1

It's now only one week until Halloween! Have you made plans yet? If not, fear not for BitchBuzz has a two-part guide to ensure that your Halloween goes off with a scream. Over the next two days our writers will be recommending their must-see spook fests. Today it is the turn of Charlotte Rowland, with her guide to all things ghoulish around the UK.  

24 Oct 2012 09:30 GMT

The Best Female Detective Characters

When The Killing finally comes back to UK screens for a new series in November, I’ll be cheering for the welcome return of the no-nonsense, arse-kicking female detective Sarah Lund. The sass, the sweater and the hypnotic Scandinavian language quickly established The Killing as one of my favourite TV shows of all time. Sofie Gråbøl’s powerful depiction of the troubled detective Sarah Lund means that you don’t ne...

22 Oct 2012 14:15 GMT

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