BitchBuzz Review: The Globe Girls at Gilgamesh

Have you ever thought that what most Asian restaurants are really missing is a bit of drag queen cabaret? Yeah, me too! Not Camden’s Gilgamesh however, who every Monday host Globe Girls, an all singing, all dancing drag show alongside their veritable selection of delicious Pan-Asian cuisine. Intrigued as to how this decadent combination would work, I got myself over t...

09 Feb 2009 12:00 GMT

Literary Heroines to Love: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

If you’re reading this, it’s odds on that as a BitchBuzz reader, you probably have at least a passing interest in feminism. Which means must’ve heard of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, even if it’s only because you were made to read The Yellow Wallpaper at college. And even though it’s been almost 150 years since CPG was born, her le...

07 Feb 2009 12:36 GMT

BitchBuzz Review: Pin It Up, Babycakes!

When it comes to art, I'm into the subject of the piece, the artist, and the overall product. Some people call it art for the masses, but I definitely don't see it that way. The Pin It Up, Babycakes! show at 111 Minna in San Francisco definitely fit the bill. If all art was like what guest curators Jessica Whiteside and Alice Stribling had on display, I would go see more of it.

06 Feb 2009 20:25 GMT

The Make Lounge: What It Is & Why It's So Damn Cool

If you’re a crafty broad in London, but have yet to check out The Make Lounge, you might just have to hand in your craft card. The Make Lounge is kitschy, lively place where you can go to “meet people and make stuff” through stylish and social craft workshops.

06 Feb 2009 14:00 GMT

Five Famous Women Who Kick Serious Ass

One of the things which has always bugged us about "female culture" is that much of the time women spend an immense amount of time cutting each other down in order to make themselves feel good or important.  This behavior has been the basis of countless articles, studies and popular movies (hello, Mean Girls anyone?)  While in concept the idea of bitches being bitchy is - maybe - amusing when dramatized by Tina Fey; in reality it completely sucks.

05 Feb 2009 17:07 GMT

More Real Life Geek Guys We'd Like To Date

Geek is the new cool.  So it makes sense to be a geek these days possesses a certain fetish cache for those who are non-geek.  To clarify: "female normals" (what we geek girls call those of you who are not) around the world are discovering what we have known all along, geek guys are f-ing HAWT, yo!  This is why you see so many startup code geeks and/or CEO's dating really hot model type people. 

04 Feb 2009 19:00 GMT

Christian Bale is "Just Not That Into You"

OK, I'll admit it. I read He's Just Not That Into You. Yes, I read it after I watched that episode of Sex and the City...while I was going through a break-up. It really can't get any more cliché than that, can it?

04 Feb 2009 17:05 GMT

Men With Scars: Apparently Women Love It

The news has been all aflutter with stories of chinny women cheating on their partners and how much women dig men with facial scars. And while I may not know a lot of pointy-chinned women who just can't help but cheat on their boyfriends, I kind of get the scar thing. 

03 Feb 2009 16:00 GMT

Watch Your F***ing Language: The History of The F Word

So, everyone swears, right? I know I do when I stub my toe - "Shit!", when I realise I've left my keys at home - "Bollocks!", when my phone dies - "Crap!" - and so on. I also swear for emphasis - "Abso-fucking-lutely", "I don't fucking believe it!" etc. I swear a lot: - when I should, when I should know better, whenever. I think my most commonly used swear word is "Fuck" - I mean I've used it four times in this article already and I'm only on my second fucking paragraph! It's also one...

03 Feb 2009 14:09 GMT

Literary Heroines to Love: Melissa Panarello

The more I find out about Melissa Panarello , the more I want to hate her. First of all, this bitch is younger than me, and has not one, not two, but three published books. That alone is enough for her to win a place on my hit list. (I know it’s a negative personality trait to have, but I can’t help it; I’m the jealous type.) Published under the alias Melissa P whilst the Sicilian schoolgirl was only sevent...

31 Jan 2009 10:54 GMT

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