Top 5 Sexiest Male Cartoon Characters

By Cate Sevilla

Unsurprisingly, Jessica Rabbit has been named the sexiest cartoon character of all time. This doesn't exactly come as a shock, as Jessica's ginger locks, six foot long legs and perkily drawn breasts have been getting men - animated or otherwise - all hot and bothered for years.

The Metro reports that Betty Boop and the Cadbury Dairy Milk  Caramel Bunny also made the cut, just beating out "Cinderella, Wilma Flintstone, Snow White and Daphne from Scooby Doo." While any self respecting man knows that Velma from Scooby Doo was actually the hottest one, I guess we an see why Daphne's blonde hair and overly large headbands would do it for them.

Shockingly, I find something wrong with this list as it is clearly sexist. Where are all the sexy man cartoons?

To even up the score, here are my favorite  top five sexy animated male beasts...

1) Prince Eric

As a young girl I didn't really understand what the hell was keeping me away from Prince Eric and why we couldn't be together. Sadly, there are some grown women who still find this mind boggling and it's hard to balme them. Between his peircing blue eyes, puffy man blouse and thigh hugging trousers...what's not to like?

Plus, he's a Prince, likes dogs, and plays an instrument. (You know, that whistle/harmonica thing...)

2) Donatello


Sure he might be an animated turtle, but check out those bulging green muscles. And what about the way he swings around that big, um, stick! *swoon* While it would seem that digging a mutant ninja turtle would present a few challenges, I really fail to see what could go wrong.

Sure he lives in a sewer. Sure he's still technically a teenager. Whatever, man. He likes pizza, is friends with a giant rat and uses words like "Cowabunga". HAWT.

3) Phillip J Fry

Philip J Fry

He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but there's just something about his bright orange, horn-shaped hair that is irresistible. Whether he's delivering pizza to IC Weiner or saving the world on his Scooty Puff Senior - there is no denying the hotness that is Phillip J Fry.

He might be messy. He miiiight be from the past (or future, depending on when you're reading this) but there's a lot to be said for a guy who is best friends with a robot, loves a girl with one eye, and rides around in a spaceship for a living. Who needs a man with bulging muscles and an IQ above 100! Fry is one hot cartoon.

4) Aladdin


Who hasn’t fantasized about seeing a whole new world with this hot peasant turned prince and his flowing, MC Hammar genie pants. He has a monkey, a genie, a killer singing voice and don’t even get me started on his deep brown eyes and that fancy man vest he wears sans shirt.

While he may have a thing for Princesses with impossibly long hair and earrings the size of large cereal bowls, at least you know that he’d go to great lengths to lie to impress a girl. What girl wouldn’t like to go on a magic carpet ride with his fine ass?

5) Captain Planet

Captain Planet

His blue skin and mullet might be a bit worrying, but we’re talking about a man here that wants to save the planet. (In a bikini no less.) While I’d be more interested in him saving the economy at this point, I guess making sure that everyone treats Mother Earth with respect is pretty sexy, too.

He might be some serious (blue) eye candy - you have to wonder what it’d be like to date this guy. You’d suggest going to the movies, and he’d rather stay in and do some composting. You want to spend a day at the park, and he wants to clean the park. It could get tricky. At least he’s nice to look at and is passionate about what he does.



Mon, 02 Mar 2009 10:22 (GMT+00)
7 Responses

I totally want to bone James from Team Rocket in Pokemon...

Mon, 02-Mar-2009 11:20 GMT

Where's Eric from Dungeons & Dragons?! :O

Mon, 02-Mar-2009 16:40 GMT

Lol - what a great list! I used to have a complete boner for Dimitri from Anastasia. Though with a voice like John Cusack's I could hardly be blamed.

rosina rubylips
Mon, 02-Mar-2009 17:20 GMT

Hey, what about The Beast ?????

Leann Parker
Tue, 03-Mar-2009 15:00 GMT

Leann - Do you mean before or after the, eh, transformation? OH! What about Guston! I totally forgot about him...

Tue, 03-Mar-2009 16:36 GMT

what about Lance from sym-bionic titan? *drools

Thu, 10-Feb-2011 01:26 GMT

I like Dimitri from Anastasia, John Smith from Pocahontas and Flynn Ryder from Tangled

Thu, 04-Aug-2011 13:24 GMT

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