Vice Photo Exhibition Launch

By Laura Silver

Today sees the launch of the Vice photo exhibition, and last night, The Printspace in East London, where the exhibition will be held until 26th August, was awash with Pear Magners, Doc Martins, and enough American Apparell to put Nathan Barley to shame.

Seeing the series' of photographs in the papery flesh really brought the works to life.

Have a gander at some of our favourites:


As suspected, the series of fat-guy pictures were indeed a big old middle-finger up to the predictably boob-heavy offerings of the exhibition.


Picture 015


The images were similarly sexualised, but in a gross, car crash kind of way, making for an interesting piece.


Picture 016


When I read the blurb for 'Archival Girls', collected images of girlfriends, prostitutes, and women the photographer had slept with, I was kind of disgusted. The series was literally a photographic version of notches on the bed post.


Picture 007


That said, it was thought provoking, and interesting to observe how the pictures so perfectly reflected the times in which they were taken, the image below in particular, which screams 90's.


Picture 006


My favourite of the evening, was Candid Reich, a series of photographs taken by a British soldier who ended up in the company of Nazi Germans during WW2.


Picture 010


Capturing these people in every-day situations demonstrated how many normal people were sucked in by the Nazi's power, and showing them in this human way, was a brave move.


Picture 008


The Vice Photo Exhibition is on display every day from now until 26th August at London's Print Space, and I would strongly recommend checking it out!

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 15:00 (GMT+01)
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