Where to Stay: One Aldwych, London

By Cate Sevilla

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay in London for a special occasion, anniversary, or just because you can - One Aldwych is your perfect choice.

Ideally located at, er, One Aldwych near Covent Garden and The Strand, and with a spa, swish bar and restaurants, and super comfortable rooms, One Aldwych is so lux and accommodating I doubt you’ll want to leave and actually have a look outside.

The Rooms

I had the great pleasure of staying in Suite 100 which is, to be honest, massive. So massive I experienced the unique first world problem of having a suite so large, I kept misplacing my champagne glass. It was terribly distressing.

One Aldwych

The bed and fluffy duvet were perfect for a Saturday morning lie-in, the sofa in the living room (yes, the suite has a living room) made for the perfect “read the paper and have a cup of tea” spot, and the television screen in the bathroom made for the most entertaining shower I’ve ever had in my life.

One Aldwych

Pamper Yourself

If you’re one of those fit fools who needs a gym and gigantic pool to do laps while staying in luxury hotels, you’re in luck, as One Aldwych have a health club and 18 metre / 56 foot chlorine free swimming pool with underwater music and mood lighting. (Yes! Underwater music!) Or, if you’d rather pamper yourself, One Aldwych also have a spa that offers facials, massages, waxing, pedicures, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

I enjoyed their Oxygen Facial, and as someone who will happily buy discounted cleanser at Superdrug, I could immediately see results from having this done. In fact, my skin is still better than it was when I had my facial at One Aldwych. It was that good. 60 minutes of having your face, neck, arms and hands being pampered is 60 minutes of pure, relaxing bliss. Even if you never end up staying at One Aldwych, I would still recommend you treat yourself to a spa treatment there.

Food & Drink

If you’re looking for delicious cocktail before having a bite to eat, I thoroughly suggest you check out the cocktail menu at the Lobby Bar before heading out The Strand for a drink. The cocktails are ah-maz-ing, and the atmosphere is so swanky it almost hurts. I can vouch for both the Espresso Martini and the One Spritzer, which is presented to you like something out of a lab experiment. It’s fantastic.

After your cocktail, nip on over to Axis at One Aldwych for a dinner which will surely blow your mind. With decór reminiscent of a posh New York restaurant and service that is absolutely outstanding, the wine and food speak for themselves. I enjoyed the Welsh rarebit to start, followed by the magnificent pan fried potato and sage dumplings, and then somehow made room for the tarte tatin of apple, with the most amazing butterscotch ice cream I’ve ever had. In fact, before now, I had never even had butterscotch ice cream, but trust me, it is so delicious you’ll wonder where it has been your whole life.

In the morning, your head will no doubt be a tad heavy from all of the cocktails and wine at the Lobby Bar and Axis, so be sure to head on up to the Indigo restaurant at One Aldwych, overlooking the Lobby Bar. Indigo serve up a  delicious full English breakfast, and they have a “Hair of the Dog” drink menu.

All in all, while One Aldwych may be a bit pricey for those of us who are used to staying at Premier Inns, it is totally worth every penny. Even if only for the television in the bathroom.

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Mon, 21 Nov 2011 13:16 (GMT+00)
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