Vegan Nibbles: Rice Pudding

It is cold and stormy out and I'm a little sad that Christmas is over. So, there's nothing better than tucking into a big bowl of rice pudding to eat my feelings away... Right?Ingredients1 cup long grain white rice5 cups vanilla almond milk1/2 cup brown sugar2 teaspoons spice of your choice - cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, etc.

04 Jan 2012 13:00 GMT

Nomtastic: New Year's Champange Cocktails

It’s time to ring in the New Year and what better way to do so than with a champagne cocktail? Nothing says “It’s a Celebration, Bitches!” quite like a bit of bubbly.  Champagne is my favorite potent potable next to vodka. It makes every activity a party. In college I once drank champagne before moving and it can really turn ANYTHING into a party.

29 Dec 2011 11:13 GMT

Bacon and Maple Syrup Muffins

With the culinary excesses of Christmas day over, conventional wisdom dictates that it is prudent to spend the days after eating “light” dishes. Zingy Thai salads, wholesome turkey broths, lettuce, get the idea. Yawn.Conventional wisdom sucks. Once the flood gates of festive overindulgence have been opened, it is folly to close them until after New Year’s Day.

26 Dec 2011 12:57 GMT

Nomtastic: Yuletide Tree Biscuits

Holidays always make me think of cookies. No matter what holiday it is, there is a cookie cutter and recipe to go with it. My favorite cookies to decorate for any holiday are sugar cookies. While looking through my copy of the Treasury of Home Baking I came across a recipe for some “Yule Tide Namesakes”. It turned out yuletide namesakes were crumbly butter cookies that the author had turned into p...

22 Dec 2011 16:11 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Vegan Christmas Volume Two

Hello! It's vegan Christmas again! This is where I tell you what my perfect Christmas would look like food-wise. Let's start with breakfast shall we? These waffles are pretty amazing, and waffles are indeed my favorite food. To go along with those waffles how about some hot chocolate? That sounds good, hmm? It'll g...

21 Dec 2011 15:47 GMT

Fine Dining at The Kitchin

It’s not often you find yourself in a Michelin starred eatery, dining on the finest and enjoying a heady dose of wine courtesy of your very own sommelier. But this weekend I was treated to that very experience at top restaurant, The Kitchin. As someone used to spending their Saturday nights with The X Factor and a take-away, it was quite a treat.

16 Dec 2011 17:00 GMT

Great Gifts for Foodies

The biggest dilemma I face when buying a foodie friend a gift is:  do I buy something for them to cook with, or something for them to eat? If I’m adding a piece to my friend’s kitchen, then I try to pick a tool that she probably wouldn’t buy for herself – something both useful and a bit ambitious. Two tools that any foodie could use to take their cooking to the next level are a 

16 Dec 2011 10:00 GMT

Nomtastic: Hot Buttered Rum

My first taste of buttered rum was from a roll of Lifesavers in my Christmas stocking as a little girl. Last week during the gingerbread house candy acquisition I bought a box of story book lifesavers; the very same story book that came in my Christmas stocking as child. However, as an adult it only contains 6 rolls of lifesavers instead of 8 and the flavor they eliminated to cut corners costs is my be...

15 Dec 2011 17:18 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Slightly Virtuous Guacamole

I am a reasonable human being. I know the holidays can lead to overindulgence. But I'm not one of those lame-os out there telling you to "take it easy at the holiday party" and "really think about how many cookies you're eating." No sir, I will not ask you to think how many cookies you're eating. I will however tell you to make this lower fat guacamole so that you can eat even MORE cookies if you so choose.

14 Dec 2011 13:34 GMT

Nomtastic: Homemade Gingerbread House

One of my earliest memories of Christmas is the majestic gingerbead house that my aunt always made. There it was; proudly in the center of the table, a fantastic mixture of cookie house and candy decor. As a three-year old there was nothing you could do to keep me away from that holiday creation. The whole day my brother and I would stealthily return to the dinning room, using our ninja skills to snatch the candy decorations. All the while our aunt watched us with her hawk eyes to minimze the...

08 Dec 2011 13:11 GMT

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