Vegan Nibbles: Roasted Asparagus Salad

This is a quick and easy warm salad that comes together in a snap. And if you're cringing at the price of asparagus (and the price of everything else) lately like I am, use frozen!IngredientsSalad3 cups baby spinach3 cups baby arugula3 cups mixed mesclun1/2 cup raw cashews, roughly chopped

07 Dec 2011 13:14 GMT

Nomtastic: White Cheddar Cheese Ball

The holiday season is in full swing and the time for festive parties has arrived. One of the best things at festive events, other than libations, is the wonderful food that appears. The holidays bring out the creativity in everyone. The only problem with creativity is that it takes time and might leave you frazzled wondering how you’ll ever get everything together. That’s why you need a party snack that’s easy to make in advance and is ready right when you are.

01 Dec 2011 14:02 GMT

The Angry Birds 'Bad Piggies Egg Recipes' Book

Everyone loves Angry Birds. From the young to the old, the first few bars of the theme tune make everyone happy and the act of thrusting hot-tempered birds through wood, glass and cement in effort to knock over egg-stealing pigs thrills the masses. Who knew. Angry Birds is everywhere - even space - and Rovio have expanded their winged empire from plush toys and ke...

30 Nov 2011 16:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Stovetop Popcorn

My two greatest fears are fire and getting hit by a car, which is why I avoid deep frying and the Houston/Bowery intersection.Due to my fear of becoming engulfed in flames, I've always been wary of making popcorn on the stove because I thought it involved lots of hot oil and skills. But it really doesn't! It's not that hard! You won't burn the house down!* 

30 Nov 2011 14:00 GMT

Philadelphia's Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

If you love cheesecake and pumpkin pie, this recipe is for you!Pumpkin swirl cheesecake has been my go to dessert recipe for Thanksgiving for the past three years. The first year I made it everyone in my family was so hung over on Thanksgiving that no one wanted a rich dessert. Crushed that no one ate my cheesecake I took it over to a good friend’s parent’s house. There it was met with appreciation and devoured as it should have been.

24 Nov 2011 09:55 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Thanksgiving Apple Crumble

Do you know Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Do you know what you're making for dessert? Do you know how packed the grocery stores are right now? Do you know you probably have most of the ingredients for this apple crumble in your kitchen right now? Do you know that this apple crumble is really delicious? Did you ever know that you're my hero?

23 Nov 2011 11:00 GMT

Nomtastic: Candied Yams

There’s only one week left until Thanksgiving so it’s time to get the turkey and game plan thawing. In my family whoever is hosting Thanksgiving makes the Turkey. This is mostly logistics as Turkey takes hours and hours to make. This makes me an expert in one thing, and it’s not Turkey. It is gut busting sides.

17 Nov 2011 10:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Rosemary Focaccia

Here's the deal, I'm giving you the recipe to make this from scratch, but nothing is stopping you from buying a pound of pizza dough from your grocery store and using that as the foundation for your focaccia. Just skip right down to the oven preheating part and go from there. I'll never tell!Ingredients2 cups bread flour

16 Nov 2011 10:00 GMT

Melissa Cole's "Let Me Tell You About Beer"

There are few people better to sit down and have a pint with other than Melissa Cole. Not only would she help you pick the perfect brew, she could no doubt tell you everything about it, as well as every other beer in the pub.

15 Nov 2011 13:11 GMT

Nomtastic: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

For this week’s spotlight on Thanksgiving sides we’re talking potatoes. Mashed potatoes grace dinner tables year round as they are probably one of the greatest inventions of mankind. They go with everything and they’re simple.Even the simplest of things require a little work. I will freely admit I have screwed up mashed potatoes before. There are two easy ways to ruin mashed potatoes; not cooking the potatoes long enough or adding the wrong amount of liquid. Perfect mashed potatoes sho...

10 Nov 2011 12:00 GMT

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