Coffee, Seafood, Beer: What to Eat in Seattle

When I walk out my front door, it’s usually in pursuit of something delectable to put in my mouth-stomach. That is equally true when I travel. Sure, I want to see old friends and new places and have deep and meaningful cultural experiences blah blah blah. But I really want to eat.I spent yesterday eating and drinking my way through Seattle, walking through the misting rain with a clear focus: coffee-seafood-beer. Coffee-seafood-beer is all the reason you need to need to visit Seattle, ...

07 Oct 2011 18:00 GMT

Nomtastic: Caramelized Onions

First, let me begin by saying I used to hate onions with a passion. The taste, the smell, the watering eyes; I just didn’t get it. My first good experience with an onion was an onion ring, but I rationalized that the only reason it was tasty was the deep fat fried batter. Because everyone knows once you deep fry something it’s just better.

06 Oct 2011 09:05 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Mega Mash

Last week's Shepherdess Pie had me really interested in mashed potatoes... In an effort to not eat basically the same thing two weeks in a row, we're going to reinvent the concept of mashed potatoes with mighty millet! And cauliflower!

05 Oct 2011 12:06 GMT

The Bottlepink Pomegranate Daqueri

October is the only month that I can tolerate a lot of pink. I do like pink, but I refuse to like things just because they are pink. (Pink does stink, afterall.) As you probably noticed from the influx of pinkness everywhere, it’s October - breast cancer awareness month.

04 Oct 2011 14:45 GMT

Nomtastic: Autumn Apple Bars

It is officially fall; neither the calendar nor the weather can deny it any longer. Apples and pumpkins seem to be the stars of the show lately, so I decided to showcase a delicious recipe that is perfect for cold fall days where you need to spend a few hours inside. The first time I made this I decided it’s a handheld form of apple pie but with more crust. The crust is my favorite part of apple pie so for me this is a win-win. It’s the perfect crust:filling ratio AND IT FITS IN YOUR H...

29 Sep 2011 12:25 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Shepherdess Pie

Through my Googling efforts, I believe "shepherdess pie" is the correct name for a meatless Shepherd's Pie. If that's not right, I apologize, I'm not British. I've never actually had any version of this dish until I attempted it over the weekend. Boy was I missing out!Ingredients

28 Sep 2011 08:48 GMT

Delicious Homemade Banana Bread

Bananas were never one of my favourite foods, but for some reason, when in loaf form, I was obsessed. Whenever my mom would make banana bread, it was a pretty exciting event. And now, lucky for you, me, and anyone who happens to know where I live and wants to stop by before tomorrow because I'll surely eat it all - I now have the recipe myself!

26 Sep 2011 18:00 GMT

Nomtastic: Twice Baked Potatoes

I was born and raised in Northern Idaho, so there is no vegetable more sacred to me than the potato.They’re just delicious no matter what you do to them. Baked, fried, mashed, au gratin… you name it, I’ll eat it. I have never met a potato that I didn’t like.This is one of my favorite ways to spruce up a baked potato, by baking it twice! You can make this as simple or as fancy as you like. You could do sour cream and chive, or gruyere with caramelized onions. I highly recommend e...

22 Sep 2011 13:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Shhhmoothie

I'm back on the "make breakfast exciting!" train in an effort to make breakfast both more exciting and more filling. You see, by 11am I'm starving and I have to talk myself out of eating lunch before noon. This smoothie barely takes more effort than making a bowl of cereal and let's me get to lunch at a much more reasonable hour.

21 Sep 2011 13:00 GMT

Nomtastic: Tacos Two Ways

Judging by the fact that it is still 90°F here, my plea for fall weather has gone unanswered. Fine! I give in. So here’s a recipe that is perfect for summer weather. Although I personally believe that any time is taco time. The great thing about tacos is that they can literally be anything you want. If you take a tortilla and put something in it, it magically becomes a taco. That’s a mathematical fact. 

15 Sep 2011 14:30 GMT

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