Vegan Nibbles: Mango Lassi

I'm stuck in the middle you guys. I'm totally cool with the not eating meat or dairy products thing, but when it comes to soy I just don't know what to do. Some people say soy is bad for you, some people say it's great for you. Some say tofu and soy milk are highly processed therefore dangerous, but others say they're great sources of protein that everyone, regardless of vegan status, should be eating them. 

13 Jul 2011 13:30 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Vegetable Lo Mein

The greasy, mushy, bland memories of vegetable Lo Meins past haunt me. Therefore, Lo Mein is definitely the last thing I would ever order at a Chinese restaurant, no matter how many people swear it's really good here/there. But in my own kitchen, it's a different story. I get to be in charge, so no buckets of oil, over cooked noodles or red bell peppers in sight! (You can add red peppers if you really want, just don't invite me over for dinner that night.)

06 Jul 2011 20:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Watermelon Feta Salad

The Fourth of July is upon us. Fireworks and festivities await. But what are you going to eat? Do you have something celebration appropriate swimming around in your brain yet? No?!Well whoa there! That salad looks pretty patriotic, don't you think? You got your red, your white, your blue. You got your watermelon summertime vibe. All the essential Fourth of July components are present. And it's vegan, just like our founding fathers!*

29 Jun 2011 16:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Lentil and Potato Salad

You know when you have to write a recipe and the deadline is fast approaching, and you've got nothing because all you want to eat is candy and rice cakes? And that candy is store bought and it would be totally unethical to make up a recipe, like you made it? And doing a rice cake recipe is insane? And you start to panic a little?

22 Jun 2011 12:00 GMT

How to Make a Violet Julep

While drinking flowers may not sound all that appealing, elderflower cocktails have certainly proved popular this year, and now violets are hoping to achieve the same status. The Bitter Truth have created a Violet Liqueur, which has a bit of sweetness to its floral taste, and has a lovely, purple-blue colour. 

21 Jun 2011 13:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Breakfast Quinoa

I get stuck in the same boring breakfast loop because cereal is "quick" and "easy." As if pouring pre-made food stuffs into a bowl is all I can muster before 8am. OK, maybe that's true. But an exciting (and more nutritional) breakfast doesn't have to be that hard! Especially when you can make it over the weekend and store it in the fridge to eat all week long. 

15 Jun 2011 11:35 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Banana Fudgesicle

With Memorial Day behind us, it's unofficially summer and I declare this the summer of ice pops. First up in my bag of ice pop tricks is the classic fudgesicle. Only, this one is made without palm oil, high fructose corn syrup and guar gum (sorry guar gum fans). Instead we're making these with with bananas, which don't add a huge flavor, but do add a great creamy texture and natural sweetness.

08 Jun 2011 11:38 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Cucumber Lemonade

I hope you guys had a good Memorial Day/Bank Holiday/regular weekend. It was, umm, a billion degrees here in New York and my air conditioner broke! After standing directly in front of a fan for two days I had visions (or hallucinations or whatever) about a nice cool lemonade. And there's nothing cooler than a cucumber, right?  

01 Jun 2011 17:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Red Lentil Soup

When I'm feeling particularly pathetic, which I have been thanks to the week-long never ending rain we had, I like to make this French Lentil Soup. It reminds me of my mom who would always make me or my dad a pot when we frowned for more than two days in a row. Ingredients2 tablespoons olive oil

25 May 2011 11:55 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Chickpea Melt

One of my favorite things in all of New York is the Chickpea "Tuna" Melt at Terri. One of my least favorite things about New York is being poor all the time. Now, $8 sandwiches can really add up when you really, really like them. Thankfully there's an easy remedy in this case -- make the sandwich at home!

18 May 2011 11:23 GMT

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