Mean Green Fashion Machine: Botantics Goes Organic at Boots

Good ol' Boots! Mainstream they may be, but with them you at least always know where you’re up to. You can rush in on your way to work and know that whatever you’re after, from straighteners and sanitary towels to smoothies and sandwiches, they’ll have what you need. And, these days, whilst you make not lie awake at night fretting over your carbon footprint, there’s no denying that interest in eco-friendly beauty is rising.

13 Aug 2008 11:30 GMT

A Tasty Quickie: Noodle Soup with a Chinese Twist

Being as practically the whole world has decided to board the Olympic bandwagon and embrace all things Chinese, I thought I may as well get in on it by adding a little Chinese influence to my Tasty Quickie this week with a classic noodle soup. I was first introduced to making this dish by the amazing queen of the culinary world, Nigella Lawson, who includes a great recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup in her festive compendium of recipes,

13 Aug 2008 09:30 GMT

The BitchBuzz Recipe for Easy-Peasy Penne Pasta

I grew up not knowing what real pasta could taste like. My mother’s version involved ketchup and sometimes rice, so when I had a true Italian pasta with fresh tomato meat sauce and melted cheeses I was almost in shock. Delicious, delicious shock. From that moment on I vowed I would never eat ketchup and pasta on the same plate again. I've come up a penne pasta recipe that's not only delicious, but feeds a big group and pretty easy to make.

11 Aug 2008 08:00 GMT

Fuck The Diet: Creamy, Nutty Chicken Curry

Spending all week angelically feasting on whole grains, pulses and super foods can leave you hankering for a really good curry come Friday night. However, a trip to your local Tandoori can sometimes be less "Fuck the Diet" and more "ask the diet to bend over and subject it to some filthy S&M" due to the phenomenally high fat level often found in restaurant curry.

07 Aug 2008 22:56 GMT

Midweek Martini: The Strawberry Iced Tea Cocktail

On a scorcher of a day, I bought some liquid strawberry daiquiri mix because the store didn't have the frozen. When I got home from the store I made some iced tea to cool off... and ended up whipping up this recipe instead. Use a Collins or highball glass, and decorate the rim with a twist or slice of lime, or strawberries.

06 Aug 2008 19:40 GMT

A Tasty Quickie: A Healthy and Tasty- Baked Mediterranean Cod

I often refrain from cooking fish as it can be hard find interesting-yet-easy ways to cook it well - and it has a tendency to stink the house up a bit! However, it is a really quick, healthy and tasty meal to cook when you want something appetising yet low fat without having to put in too much effort. So,  I have come up with this baked Mediterranean cod dish that can literally be thrown together. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t cause guests to say, ‘so you had fish last night?’ either!

06 Aug 2008 19:00 GMT

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