The BitchBuzz Hangover Guide

By Stephanie Jones

Christmas is over. You have just about got over the horrendous effects those sprouts and that entire box of Roses has had on your digestive system (and your waistline). There is just one event left: New Years Eve.

Whilst the run up can be full of anticipation or dread, depending on your feelings on the night in question, there is one thing that can be guaranteed.... you will be hungover. Whether it be just a fuzzy head or leave you clinging to the toilet praying it will end, the ladies here at BitchBuzz have been discussing our secrets to a swift recovery!

Some are more unique to individuals. Jenn Taylor swears by Ribena and a vow to never do it again! I believe salt and vinegar crisps and a can of Vimto do the trick and there was a resounding trust in a can of Diet Coke. When it came down to it all you could pretty much rely on one thing:

The Carb Fest

A resounding majority of us agree it’s all about the carbs! McDonalds, Burger King, a Full English Breakfast.... whatever it may be we need carbs and grease and lots of it. Probably not the healthiest option but it certainly works and let’s face it, its the  only time you can legitimately pig out and claim ‘its good for you’!

If these suggestions are not for you the following are well documented remedies that you could try...

Hair of the Dog

This is a risky strategy that could go one of two ways. Either you stem the tide of the withdrawal of alcohol enough to keep you just be delay the inevitable! For me there is nothing better to get me back to reality than a Bloody Mary. Hair of the dog, vitamins, and a soothing ice cold quality perfect! 

Other lesser known remedies include gin and Tabasco and Guinness with champagne. News to my ears this is an Victorian solution called a Black Velvet. Of course you could just drag yourself down the local for a good old pint.

The Raw Egg Theory

I once met a chef who got up the next day swallowed a raw egg whole and proceeded to get on with a 13 hour shift. I have since come to understand that the reason this works so well is the instant hit of protein, and therefore energy your body gets. Can’t quite stomach the raw egg alone? You could try The Electric Current Fizz. Another remedy with an interesting history this concoction brings together hair of the dog and a protein hit.

The Silver Fizz Element

Glass of ice

Juice of half a lemon

One egg white

25ml measure of gin

Strain and fill with effervescent (Alka Seltzer) 

The Yolk/Oyster

Have yolk of the egg separate (some add tabasco) 

The Healthy Option

Kim Townend from the BitchBuzz team is the only one of us that favours the healthy option. What a good girl she is! Her advice is to start with a green tea to bring up the caffeine levels and get some anti-oxidants going. Eat as many veg as possible to restore vitamins and minerals an then eat some lean protein to minimise the damage already done. Perhaps a slower process but by far the more sensible option!

Prevention Over Cure

After a few years of drinking we all develop a list of what we can and can't drink to stop that hangover being truly horrific. We learn not to go out on an empty stomach and (yes, sad but true) drink plenty of water throughout the night. Personally when I go out I leave myself a pint of water in the fridge and two paracetamol by the bed. If you get one step ahead you might just stop the worst from happening!

We all have our own methods when it comes to the after effects of the heaviest night of the year, whatever you do have a great New Year’s Eve and as pain free a New Years Day as possible!

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