Vegan Nibbles: Vegan Christmas Volume Two

By Yvonne Penzakov

Hello! It's vegan Christmas again! This is where I tell you what my perfect Christmas would look like food-wise. 

Let's start with breakfast shall we? These waffles are pretty amazing, and waffles are indeed my favorite food. To go along with those waffles how about some hot chocolate? That sounds good, hmm? It'll give us strength to get through marathon present opening. Let's go ahead and say that's what we're doing now. Ok we're opening the last one... oooohhh! New mittens! Exciting! Time for a nap.

Ok, we've woken up from our nap and now it's time for Christmas lunch! Well, how about this lentil loaf, with these sprouts (just use non-dairy butter, vegetable stock and almond milk instead of heavy cream), this spicy curry butternut squash and these latkes? Yum, am I right? 

Now let's settle in for a Christmas movie! My favorite is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (I'm freezing my baguettes off!). But we'll need some snacks, right? Well how about these white chocolate covered pretzels with a side of egg nog? Excellent. Time for nap two.

And we're up again. Dinner time! Now during my perfect Christmas, dinner is actually several courses of dessert. So first up we've got thesebanoffee cupcakes then these oatmeal and date cookies then these mince meat pies then a break. For our last hurrah, this carrot cake! I will meet you over by the tree where we can pass out on a pile of our presents. 

Merry Christmas everybody!

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 15:47 (GMT+00)
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