Cosy Winter Interiors That Aren't Christmassy

By Cate Sevilla

The date is currently 19 November.

We have 35 days until Christmas, 20 days until Hanukkah  and it's not even Thanksgiving in the States yet. The day after Thanksgiving marks the day in which I will allow Christmas music to be played, a tree to be purchased and mince pies to be eaten, until then, CHRISTMAS IS NOT HAPPENING.

The interiors of most shops have turned red and green, yet I am unwilling to recreate this in my home. Even when it is Christmas. I much prefer to stay cosy and celebrate the season as a whole - think Winter Wonderland or Swedish Cabin rather than Santa's (bloody) Grotto.

If you're keen to keep your flat cosy yet still reflect that its winter (or technically late autumn) here are some fantastic bits and piece I've found while browsing the web and shops I can't afford. Not an elf, sled or reindeer in sight. (Bambi doesn't count, right?)

To Keep Warm...

Urban Outfitters do some amazing duvet covers, but their quilts are particularly cute. I think this Reversible Kaleidoscope Quilt (also pictured above) would look perfect on my sofa, ideal for snuggling up to during the colder nights while I sit and watch Fringe with the lights off.

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

Urban Outfitters, £95

For Atmosphere...

Lighting can make or break a room, and these gorgeous LED Silver Maroq Light Chain will definitely give any room a bit of festive twinkle. The chain is approximately six meters long and comes with 24 lanterns. 

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

The Glam Camping Company. £29.95

A Touch of Twee...

Tweet it may be, but I love this Sheep Sofa Tidy. Firstly, its a stuffed animal you can proudly have out of your bedroom without feeling ashamed. Secondly, it's a fantastic way to stay organised.  No more searching for the remote or getting them lost in the couch cushions. Where's the remote? It's in the sheep, dear.

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

Lakeland, £20.99

A Bit of Snow...

Snow globes are fun all year round, especially the cheesy ones you can buy in airports. However, this Bambi Snow Globe is as wintry as it is sweet. Nothing says winter like a tiny deer trapped under glass.

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

Heals, £15.50

Outdoors, Indoors

If you want a bit of the outdoors, indoors, these Rustic Wooden Light Holders are just what you need. They have a wooden shell with a tree or star design on the outside, with a glass tea light holder on the inside.

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

The Glam Camping Company, £6.00

For Your Frozen Planet...

When decorating your home, have you ever thought to yourself, "Do you know what this room needs? A giant polar bear..." Me too. It's a constant worry for the busy, modern woman. Thankfully, Heal's have just the thing to solve this problem: an Adult Walking Polar Bear.

BitchBuzz's Cosy Interiors

Heals, £600 - totally affordable, right?

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