Inge Jacobsen's Embroidered Magazine Covers

By Cate Sevilla

The covers of fashion magazines are usually quite glamorous.They've been specifically designed to capture your eye while standing hungover at the corner shop waiting to purchase a big bottle of Asprin and a can of Coke. Or while queuing at the grocery store, waiting to buy your frozen dinner and box of wine.

They're meant to make us coo with awe and become so overwhelmed with feelings of aspiration and envy that we simply have no choice but to fork over the £4/$5 so that this bound clump of glossy paper and ads can be ours, all ours.

However, I must say, that even the best magazine covers most certainly look better with a bit of embroidery. And this is exactly what artist Inge Jacobsen has done.

Jacobsen is an artist who describes her current work as making "an intervention into found images through embroidery, cutting, and collaging" using images mostly used from high fashion magazines and "pornographic images found on the internet". Well, at least we know she won't run out of material.

Jacobsen's work is as elegant as it is creative, and whether it's adding a bit of stitching to the titillating image of a half naked woman, or recreating the cover of Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, Jacobsen's artwork is definitely something to be admired.

Inge Jacobsen's Artwork

Inge Jacobsen's Artwork
Inge Jacobsen's Artwork
Mon, 09 May 2011 11:00 (GMT+01)
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