London Underground Homeware

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, aka The Tube.  The very first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway, and TFL have used their Facebook timeline to list all of the Tube's great achievements over the last 150 years. (F...

10 Jan 2013 15:30 GMT

Easy Ways to Keep Your Heating Bills Down

Energy prices can soar in the winter. It’s freezing cold so we whack up the heating,  we’re at home more as we’re less likely to venture out in the evenings so we use more electrical appliances. It's a viscous cycle. Thankfully, 

28 Dec 2012 10:00 GMT

Woodland Creature Interiors

The trend for woodland animals is yet to run it's course and I am rather pleased about this. There is nothing I like more than a bit of owl, fox or deer inspired design. The forest holds interiors inspiration for all tastes, from the outright kitsch to the chic and subtle.  If monochrome is your thing then Fine Little Day has a host of woodland inspired designs. My favourite is this poster

14 Dec 2012 12:30 GMT

Small is Beautiful: Adventures in a Tiny House

I have long been a fan of the tiny home - way before Channel 4 screened Amazing Spaces with that George chap and his mouldy caravan. For many of us a small home is a necessity due to finance or city living where space is at a premium.

05 Dec 2012 15:00 GMT

Support British & Handmade Gifts this Christmas

As a member of the Crafts Council it goes without saying that I am incredibly passionate about designers and makers. I firmly believe that Britain is at the forefront of design and craft.  If you still think the idea of buying a handmade gift is somehow twee or a little bit shoddy, think again. 

30 Nov 2012 12:30 GMT

How to Make Your House a Home on a Budget

I'm in the process of trying to make my flat more homely, but on a budget. I’m on the hunt for bargains and one-off pieces that don't cost a fortune - and don't leave me without any option but Ikea. I've done pretty well so far, so I thought I’d share my furniture hunting tips.

29 Nov 2012 15:13 GMT

Top Five Christmas Craft Blogs

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my insider knowledge on how to make a chic handmade and homemade Christmas. A crafty Christmas can easily become a tacky disaster, with horrific tasting chutneys that even the dog won't touch or crochet berets that will never see the light of day. Choose wisely when deciding to make a gift. Sadly, in my experience, not everyone is as enthusiastic about your jam jar snow globe as you are. 

26 Nov 2012 10:00 GMT

At Home with Autism: Keeping Your Space Safe

Eight years ago I was preparing to give birth to my first child, and one of the many things I had to consider was welcoming this small person into my home.There are so many bits of kit that come with having a child, the list is endless and it starts to build up around your once stylish pad. The one thing I never considered was 'what if my child is born disabled?'. Of course you don't ask yourself this terrifying question, or if you do it may only be fleetingly. I was...

20 Nov 2012 13:30 GMT

Cosy Winter Interiors That Aren't Christmassy

The date is currently 19 November. We have 35 days until Christmas, 20 days until Hanukkah  and it's not even Thanksgiving in the States yet. The day after Thanksgiving marks the day in which I will allow Christmas music to be played, a tree to be purchased and mince pies to be eaten, until then, CHRISTMAS IS NOT HAPPENING.

19 Nov 2012 16:30 GMT

Banana, Coconut & Butterscotch 'Etiquette Muffins'

Maybe it was the etiquette that my mother instilled in me from an early age, but I never arrive at a party empty handed. Whether it is a bottle of wine or a cheese platter, there is just something special and important about saying "thank you". I stumbled upon these Banana Coconut muffins by accident. It was a lazy Sunday (the very best kind) and I had been invited over to a friend’s house for an impromptu film and a catch-up. Not being one to show up ...

09 Nov 2012 12:00 GMT

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