Vegan Nibbles: Dreamy Birthday Cake

It was my birthday this week!I never got to pick my own birthday cake. Ever since I was little, my dad, professional cake enthusiast. picked out my cake. They were always gorgeous chocolate confections from Fortunato Brothers that tasted even better than the looked. To some that is. See the thing is, while my dad would marry chocolate if he could, I don't really like it.

28 Apr 2011 08:18 GMT

5 Retro Phones for Your Home

We’re all so used to using our mobile phones, email or Skype to communicate, but landline phones can save money in the long-run and look great in your home…1. Pottery Barn Grand PhonePottery Barn has created the ultimate in retro, rotary phones with the PB Grand, a traditional looking device packed with plenty of modern features, including volume control and push button dialling.

26 Apr 2011 10:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Spring Dill Soup

This soup is jam packed with greens. You've got your asparagus, you've got your spinach, you've even got your adorable snap peas. You've also got your dill which is the real star here. I love dill. I grew up with it in everything thanks to my parents' Eastern European roots, and this soup really reminds me of my childhood. If you want to go extra-Penzakov-authentic, be sure to chop the heck out of the dill before adding it in. When you think you've minced it as fine as it can go, give ...

20 Apr 2011 10:00 GMT

What Exactly is a Whoopie Pie?!

What do we know about whoopie pies? Well, not much actually. Aside from the fact that they are a delicious tradition of the Pennsylvania Amish and formerly known as “gobs”, few actually know what they are. A cookie? A cake? A dessert sandwich? Whatever you label it, that fluffy mound is certainly not a pie.

14 Apr 2011 09:04 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Chocolate Mousse

Imagine this scenario. You ask someone you know, maybe even someone you love, to pick up a block of tofu on the way home so you can make dinner. It turns out this person is not familiar with the various firmnesses of tofu and instead of calling to ask what's necessary for your recipe, he or she picks any old block of tofu at random. He or she brings home that tofu and you see it's silken, soft tofu. "What the heck?!" you scream (in your head so as to not upset the nice person who went out of ...

13 Apr 2011 09:00 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Taco Salad

My friend (and co-worker) was going on and on about taco salad one day last week, and by Sunday I was properly hypnotized and decided to make taco salad for dinner. It's pretty simple to make, and while I've put ground "meat" substitute in the recipe, it's entirely optional. This dish would be just as delicious with only beans, so if you can't find ground "meat" at your local store, or don't particularly like using meat impostors, just leave it out. 

06 Apr 2011 11:40 GMT

Southern Comfort: Mississippi Mud Cake

One of my closest friends has the kind of mother you envision when just thinking of the word mom. Betty possesses in her personality all those stereotypes that come embedded in the word. She is incredibly sweet and full of southern hospitality and charm and has always cooked absolutely everything from scratch.

04 Apr 2011 15:00 GMT

Shrimp in Spicy Red Sauce

A love for shrimp and seafood was imbedded in me from a very young age. Every celebration featured grilled fish, fried shrimp and Camarones Enchilados, what is basically shrimp in a spicy red sauce and my absolute favorite meal. It's a dish you can get at pretty much any latin restaurant in Miami, but, as is true with most things, none are as good as my mom's version. It's somehow made all the more special by the fact that she's deathly allergic to shellfish, but still insists on makin...

31 Mar 2011 17:00 GMT

Peanut-Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

Who says peanut-butter and jelly has to be limited to a sandwich? A recipe for the most nostalgic of cupcake fans.Through my column on BitchBuzz over the course of the last year, I think I’ve clearly established my fondness for peanut-butter and jelly. Despite enjoying and having access to some of the finest French dishes, this classic American brown-bag sandwich has remained an untouchable staple of my diet. But it wasn’t until I moved to Paris that I realize...

31 Mar 2011 11:30 GMT

Vegan Nibbles: Lebanese Stew

Does such a thing exist? I'm not sure, but it is delicious. Lebanese food is one of my favorites. Fragrant and spicy with a touch of sweetness? Can't really go wrong there. This stew is nice and hearty which is perfect seeing as New York refuses to give in to spring and it's still freezing here. Ingredients(serves six)

30 Mar 2011 11:00 GMT

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