How to Reinvent Your Home but Keep Your Style

With a plethora of television shows encouraging us to embrace the pre-loved and the upcycled, how easy is it to rejuvenate your space? It can be hard to give advice on the matter without sounding condescending or painful - "Don't lose sleep over what colour you could paint that old book case" and "when does distressed just look distressing?"

08 Nov 2012 15:15 GMT

How to Make Toffee Apple Upside-down Cake

Toffee apples aren't that great, really. They’re pretty, yes, and the first delicious crack of the sugar coating is always a pleasure. But once you've eaten the shell you’re just left with an apple on a stick. And not usually a particularly great apple, at that. Toffee apple cake solves this problem. Not only is the apple baked, which makes even the most end of season fruit taste instantly better, but it’s sandwiched  betwe...

07 Nov 2012 10:18 GMT

Bonfire Night: Mini Chilli Cheese Biscuits

Organised firework displays generally involve a lot of waiting around. Much as it would be nice to pass the time with warm snacks, it isn't particularly feasible. Who wants to fiddle with tin foil wrapped food if it means taking off their gloves? So, if you can’t have warm food, the next best thing is spicy.

05 Nov 2012 12:30 GMT

Brew Dog Beer Cocktails

Brew Dog is steadily taking over the world with its rock and roll approach to real ales and craft brewing. The Aberdeen-based “libertine” brewery started back in 2007, brewing small batches of beer to sell at local markets. From there they went on to brew the world’s strongest ever beer, packaged ale in road kill and established a unique “anti-business” shareholder ownership system called Equity f...

02 Nov 2012 17:00 GMT

Material Girl: A Guide to Buying Fabric Online

I started sewing about five years ago, and I soon discovered my local fabric shop seemed to be packed with naff and tacky materials. The range of fabrics available seemed to be more in keeping with stuff you'd buy to make a Halloween costume or hideous prints not seen since the 1980s - and not in a good way.

02 Nov 2012 13:00 GMT

Homemade Squash with Chorizo & Bulgar Wheat

There is just something about this time of the year.  Maybe it’s the leaves or saying goodbye to summer, but fall evokes a feeling of warmth and coziness.  I love cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables and nothing represents fall more than squash. In addition to being quite versatile, squash is also said to have numerous health benefits such as improving lung and cardiovascular health. 

01 Nov 2012 15:00 GMT

Just Say Yes To 'Dude Food'

Living in a mid-size city by the sea we have our fair share of eateries and bars. The usual mix of traditional pubs, fast food chains, takeaways and a couple of more sophisticated spots all mingle side by side. Nothing unusual there? Until now. A new type of dining experience seems to be emerging in our neighbourhood. We were a little late compared to our well-heeled capital London but it has arrived. Dude Food is here.

31 Oct 2012 12:00 GMT

Cake & Quesadillas: 5 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

Canned pumpkin puree is not particularly commonplace in the UK. Though it is now stocked by a couple of the higher end supermarkets, you can't nip to your local food purveyor for a pint of milk without tripping over a pyramid of real life pumpkins in October.  Here are some of the things I made with my pumpkin, for those of you intending to puree your own, or just open a can, this Halloween.

30 Oct 2012 16:30 GMT

How to Make Chocolate Caramel Crackers

I love reading about food online. What did we do before we could Google cup to gram conversions mid baking session? When we existed on recipe books without photos, and had to make meals without first looking at 500 Instagram photos of how said dish is supposed to be presented? I was eating Matzo directly from the pack recently, and set about looking for serving suggestions, lest I stand in the kitchen and eat an entire box of dry crackers. The first thing I stumbled upon was Smi...

29 Oct 2012 16:00 GMT

Eat Your Heart Out Bakery

Eat Your Heart Out is a slightly odd event, which marries an anatomy lecture with an episode of The Great British Bake Off. This three day festival is curated by the gruesome cake-baking mastermind Miss Cakehead, whose previous events include the very memorable vagina cup...

26 Oct 2012 11:00 GMT

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