Nigella Goes Deliciously Italian in 'Nigellissima'

Nigellissima, Nigella Lawson’s latest book and TV series, is - rather obviously - about Italian food. But rather than being over-complicated, intimidating and packed full of Italian ingredients that are hard to find, Nigellissima is surprisingly accessible, if not the most access able Nigella's ever been.

25 Sep 2012 16:21 GMT

Easy Crispy Cheddar Chicken & Veg Fries

There are few things I love as much in life as I do carbohydrates, chicken, and cheese. Combine all of these in an easy recipe and I am all over it.  Pinterest, the ultimate destination for "easy" recipes, has led me to make some spectacularly shit dinners. It's easy to be fooled by the macro-focused photos, and I've had a tough time learning that just because it looks nice, doesn't mean it's going to taste nice. 

24 Sep 2012 12:00 GMT

A Beginner's Guide to Fancy Coffee

I thought that I’d got coffee all figured out. I could walk into a swish coffee shop, stand at the counter and confidently order my medium Americano. I’d then feel incredibly proud of myself for being so cosmopolitan, with my understanding of the art of coffee. Then coffee changed, again. And this time it was way more complicated than the whole latte-to-flat white transition. Independent coffee shops were popping up all over town and, with them, they brought a whole ...

20 Sep 2012 14:00 GMT

Sharing is Caring: Food Culture Across the Globe

Picture this: You sit in a beautiful restaurant with a companion. The menu brims full of delicious sounding dishes and after careful deliberation you pick one. Your friend picked a different one that sounds equally as amazing. The food arrives and after a few mouthfuls of your dish you are ready to try out your friend’s, except they are unwilling to give you a bite.

07 Sep 2012 09:30 GMT

Gizzi Erskine's New Show 'Cooks to Market'

It was difficult to watch last night’s Cooks to Market on Sky Living without getting distracted by Gizzi Erskine’s fabulousness.

06 Sep 2012 10:12 GMT

5 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Productive

Recently, I have begun the adventure of working from home. I’m sure you can all imagine days spent bed with my laptop, surrounded by empty crisp packets right now. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Very quickly in this little adventure, I realised the need for order. I’ve always been obscenely organised: I have a little Filofax love affair going on, I meal...

04 Sep 2012 10:30 GMT

Monkey Shoulder Whiskey: For One Night Only

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing event hosted by Monkey Shoulder Whiskey. As someone who admittedly isn’t a big fan of whisky, I was sceptical but if anything, just the look on my face after the initial swig would make for photographic gold.

03 Sep 2012 12:30 GMT

Irritating Interior Trends That Need To Stop

The original “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster was designed by the UK’s Ministry of Information in 1939. It was intended to boost morale during the darkest days of the Second World War. The five words and simple design captured the essence of British stiff-upper lipped resilience. Horrible things were happening, like the Blitz and millions of people losing their lives. That’s what makes twee “Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake” coasters and scatter cushions annoy...

31 Aug 2012 15:00 GMT

Spice up Your Life With Chilli!

Coming from a Korean background, chilli and heat has always been a huge part of my life. It is one of the essential ingredients in Korean cooking but it has found its way into pretty much everything I cook these days. I add chilli to Bolognese, soups, marinades and even to salad in the form of hot sauce.

30 Aug 2012 12:00 GMT

Geeky Decór: The Social Shower Curtain

Which shower curtain you choose for your bathroom can really make or break your entire decór.  If you're going for a saucy powder room look, a shower curtain covered in pin-ups, like this one from Sin in Linen might do the trick.

28 Aug 2012 08:15 GMT

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