Foodie Woes: Recreating Holiday Food at Home

The expansion of our global foodie horizons is a good thing. Gone are the days of an avocado being considered "exotic" or falafel being dismissed as "foreign muck". We can walk into any supermarket and be presented with a range of tempting and adventurous meal options. Celebrity chefs are there to guide us through this new culinary terrain, introducing new trends and convincing us that every meal time can, and should, be an adventure.

23 Aug 2012 15:28 GMT

Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Slabs

I have concluded that Food Network is a form of evil vortex. It sucks you in and refuses to let go until you’ve booked flights to New York to eat French Toast. Then there’s Ina Garten. Where to start with Ina Garten? She is ridiculous. Yet I still watch in awe as she cooks half a cow with 300 sticks of butter for her and Jeffrey’s humble supper. How bad can half a cow and 300 sticks of butter b...

22 Aug 2012 11:00 GMT

Mouth-Watering Pulled Pork

We all have Food boards on Pinterest, don’t we? Those boards with tonnes of amazing recipes pinned to it, half of which we’d never actually cook? This week, I defied all odds. I cooked something delicious, based on a Pinterest pin.

10 Aug 2012 12:48 GMT

Bring The Force Home: Star Wars Homeware

There are a few things I can’t resist. One is the homeware section of John Lewis, the other is retro movies that age beautifully. I don’t think I’m alone in such guilty little pleasures – every time I hit up my Pinterest I see more and more awesome ideas for bringing Star Wars, Batman, and The Goonies into the home.

01 Aug 2012 15:04 GMT

Bacardi's Spicy New Edition: Oakheart

The popularity of spiced rum has boomed in recent years. Based on current trends, it is predicted that the UK spiced rum market could grow to be worth £150million over the next five years. That's a lot of rum. With such staggering demand, the time seems right for Bacardì to step into the dark and spicy rum ring. And that’s exactly what they have done with the launch of 

30 Jul 2012 12:22 GMT

Sassy Throw Pillows from Alexandra Ferguson

Sitting on the sofa is where most of The Guilt happens. "I really should be at my niece's christening right now," you think to yourself. Maybe you cancelled plans with friends to watch Geordie Shore. Perhaps you're looking at tidy, cute living rooms on Pinterest and curse your lack of decorating skills. Maybe you're just "tired" from "work". 

23 Jul 2012 13:00 GMT

Scrumptious Summer Salads

There’s something reassuring about the existence of the British Leafy Salads Association. I sleep easier knowing that someone, somewhere is out there sticking up for the nation’s lollo rosso and little gem.

13 Jul 2012 12:18 GMT

Why Sh*t Food is Best

I love shit food. There was a time when I would be embarrassed to admit this and be all like “yah, houmous is amazing” and “Oh! Aren’t those micro herbs delicious?!”. Recently I’ve realised that I can’t fight my food roots – the appetite that craves things coated in a “golden crumb” and reformed potato snacks in the shape of zoo animals or smiley faces.

03 Jul 2012 10:10 GMT

Our Favourite New Cooking Show: Girl Eats Food

Cooking shows are (almost) always the same. There have complicated recipes with complicated directions, unlikable hosts and food that you'd never actually be able to make yourself. This is precisely why we love Girl Eats Food the new cooking series from Vice, featuring chef Joanna Fuertes-Knight, who is basically a British, tougher Na...

15 Jun 2012 12:20 GMT

Doctor Who Inspired Kitchenware

Egg cups, in general, are not usually that appealing. Yes, they’re useful for giving the appearance that you're a grown adult when your parents come over, and if not even more useful when you run out of shot glasses, but it’s rare an egg cup makes me go, “Good god, I need that in my life.”I mean, it's an egg cup.

13 Jun 2012 11:45 GMT

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