The Most Important Room in the House

By Lauren Cooke

Do you have a haven – somewhere in your home where you can retreat on a bad day? Somewhere where the weather can’t get in and make you miserable? Somewhere were you can curl up with a glass of wine and a good book? Somewhere that makes you feel safe after a near accident driving home, or following a catastrophic night out?

Whilst all sorts of magazine articles go on about having that special place, they all seem to say the same thing. Essentially, they dictate that the kitchen should be the heart of the home – which is fine for breadmaking, but not quite so convenient for having a bath. Unless you have a really big sink. But anyway, I digress. The point is, however, that we are all totally individual human beings.

Some of you may be happiest shut in the shed with muddy hands, a teacup and a thermos. Others may adore curling up under a soft eiderdown, shutting out the perils of the world. Some people could spend half their lives relaxing in a bubbly bathtub, if only they had the time. With all our foibles and our differences, how on earth could we be expected to have just one important room between us?!

Here are some examples of totally different inspiring safe-zones.

A light and airy bedroom that is just perfect for hiding away in. Your bed is even in an alcove in the above room from Interior Design Story, meaning you are totally shielded from the mess of the rest of the house.

How about a completely different type room – this Marie Claire Maison black bathroom? The ebony walls are incredibly gothic, and this is clearly a room into which a lot of effort has been put. It would work wonderfully with a glass of wine in the bath!

Bathroom from Marie Claire Maison

If you want to relax in a living room, why not choose something totally over-the-top and eclectic, with warm lights and cosy seating. Something that sums you up exactly, like this cosy and eclectic living room from Genuine Style.

Living Room from Genuine Style

Of course, we are not all about warm traditional spaces. Some of us like amazing modern spaces, where we can bluster around and “create”. This absurdly modern kitchen recently featured on  NotCot would be an amazing safe haven in which to make amazing restaurant style food – or in which to eat ice cream from the container!

Modern Kitchen from NotCot

Finally, bookworms will no doubt consider the room with the books to be the most important room in the house. This Hudson library with its squidgy chairs and massive bookshelves could be an ideal destination for escapism.

Hudson Library

What is the most important room in your house? How does it make you feel?

Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:00 (GMT+01)
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