Woodland Creature Interiors

By Louise Bush

The trend for woodland animals is yet to run it's course and I am rather pleased about this. There is nothing I like more than a bit of owl, fox or deer inspired design. The forest holds interiors inspiration for all tastes, from the outright kitsch to the chic and subtle. 

If monochrome is your thing then Fine Little Day has a host of woodland inspired designs. My favourite is this poster 'The Forest' by Swedish artist Cecilia Pettersson. You will also find fir tree print cushions, blankets, birch tree vases and Scandinavian design at Fine Little Day.

The Forest poster (pictured above): 40 euros

I can't describe how much I love Banderole. The UK-based company sells handmade cushions and other textile home accessories. Their forest-like colour palette is full of greens, autumnal oranges and browns all in velvets, wool and tweed. I love the mountain shaped cushions and the fox draught excluder. The design is simple, classic yet contemporary with a well thought out use of materials.


draughty fox

Vintage Fabric Fox Draught Excluder: £45.00


“If your tired of owls, your tired of life” or so someone famous never said. I wasworried that I might become tired of our wise feathered friend as the high street seemed to be awash with owl cushions, owl bags and anything else you could stick an owl on. It didn't break me though and l remain a staunch owl fan. Moving away from subtle design and erring on kitsch, why not explore a bit of folk craft? Bright, colourful and playful, folk will never lose its appeal. These wonderful hand painted owl mugs are designed by Mexican potter Gorky Gonzales (fantastic name) and are available from Anthropologie. If you don't intend to use them for a brew then they would make a great ornament.


folk owl mug

Folk Owl Mug: £12.00


For an all out kitsch-o-rama, you can create your own woodland scene with these animal wall decals by artist Nathalie Lete. They are available from online store Lapin and Me which also stocks a whole host of colourful and cute accessories. Nathalie Lete is a French artist who really seems to be on the up. I bought a bag of hers early this year and now see her work quite frequently in stores. Her sweet and naive style of painting is what draws me into her world.


wall decals

Wall decals: £58.00


I can't see the trend for woodland animals disappearing any time soon so go forth and embrace the creatures of the forest! Think of yourself as a modern day Snow White! Or maybe just a hint of owl will do.


Images via Fine Little Day, Banderole, Anthropologie and Lapin and Me

Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:30 (GMT+00)
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