Testosterone & Stand-Up Female Comedians

We often hear about the ‘testosterone-packed’ atmosphere of stand-up comedy being one reason less women are drawn to it as a profession? Yet, we forget that women have testosterone too, albeit at a lower level. A recent article in Wired highlighted the research of neuroscientist and former Wall Street trader John Coates linking high levels of the hormo...

18 Jan 2013 09:45 GMT

Stop Stalking Your Ex on Facebook. Seriously.

Facebook-stalking your ex is a bad idea. Anyone disagree? This guy does… In his article "In Defense Of Never Moving On", Brett Hannons describes how he thinks it’s OK to never really get over your exes. He says:

17 Jan 2013 16:30 GMT

Getting Rid of Your Unnecessary Baggage

We can all be a little guilty of keeping unnecessary baggage in our lives; we lug around useless information, bad habits and unsatisfying relationships in a metaphorical suitcase that’s been greatly over packed. We have zero hope of zipping that baby up, yet we carry this weight around every day, allowing it to drag us down and get in our way.

14 Jan 2013 16:30 GMT

Don't Let January Destroy Your Body Confidence

It is January and the spirit of change is in the air. Suddenly, nothing is quite good enough anymore. Be it our eating habits or exercise regimes, we are surrounded by urgent calls to improve ourselves, which tends to amount to one thing: being slimmer. Unimaginative magazine covers call upon readers to seize the chance for reinvention. Dull diet tips and fitness features stuff the pages, interspersed with the token “how to get a promotion in 2013” article.

08 Jan 2013 16:00 GMT

Making Routines Work For You

I am a creature of habit. I like things 'just so' and like to know what I am doing and when. I also don't deal very well with change and enjoy the sense of stability I receive from routine and tradition. Like most people, my daily life is made up of lots of different routines. My alarm goes off at the same time every morning, I get the bus to work at the same time every day, I eat the same thing for lunch, I go home and watch TV, I have a bath and I go to bed. Even my days off ...

08 Jan 2013 10:00 GMT

Reading Is Sexy

I believe that intelligence is sexy. I believe that reading is sexy. Fewer things are sexier to me than a well read individual; someone who gets their kicks from learning, escaping and indulging over an oversized cup of coffee. Back when I was a teenager, it was deemed extraordinarily uncool to willingly spend any longer than necessary in the library. But, even then, I knew that people who considered reading to be geeky had it all wrong.

07 Jan 2013 12:00 GMT

Making SMART and Attainable Goals For 2013

Hands up, who’s guilty of making ambitious resolutions at the beginning of the year? Who is fully aware from the start that these resolutions are going to be like a daunting grey cloud hanging over your head all year long? All to often, people know what they hope to achieve throughout the year, but they have no idea where to start. This inevitably leads to hours of procrastination, feeling like a bit of a fail-face and the all too familiar “tomorrow, I’ll start tomorrow&r...

03 Jan 2013 10:00 GMT

Easy Ways to Save Money in January

January is a dreary month. All the food, alcohol and festive partying is catching up with us. We've got to go back to work after having time off with our family and get back into our normal routine, and to top it off, we don't have any money because we spent it all on Christmas presents. To help prevent an entire month of eating Smart Price noodles and staying in every weekend watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses, here are some handy ways to save m...

01 Jan 2013 13:00 GMT

Energy Vampires: Why Keep Them in Your Life?

Everybody knows at least one person; if you’re fortunate, several people, who light up the room simply by walking into it with their cheerful disposition and usual bounce. They seem to be permanently radiant and uplifting, greeting everybody enthusiastically, forever having charming things to say. Their energy is electric and contagious, we feel inexplicably brighter and we always look forward to seeing them.

27 Dec 2012 15:00 GMT

A Christmas Present with a Difference

Looking for an alternative, last minute Christmas present this year? Perhaps you’ve got a difficult-to-buy-for sister, an aunt who has everything or a dad who deserves more than a pair of thermal socks?Why not give them a gift that will benefit more than its recipient: a donation to a charity.

21 Dec 2012 14:00 GMT

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