A Christmas Present with a Difference

By Amy Rutter

Looking for an alternative, last minute Christmas present this year? Perhaps you’ve got a difficult-to-buy-for sister, an aunt who has everything or a dad who deserves more than a pair of thermal socks?Why not give them a gift that will benefit more than its recipient: a donation to a charity.

My boyfriend once adopted a penguin, my favourite animal, on my behalf for my birthday. It was such an exciting gift for me and I knew his money was going to a worthy cause. If you think this could be the right avenue for your loved one, there are a number of endangered animal and wildlife conservation charities and projects that you can support.

With WWF you can adopt an animal for £3 a month which comes with a personalised gift certificate or you can sponsor a puppy with Guide Dogs for the Blind for £1 a week.

There are also causes who will support those who need it most over Christmas time. uk4u Thanks! is a charity which provides Christmas presents to the UK Armed Forces overseas away from their families and loved ones on Christmas Day. You can make a one-off payment or set up monthly, quarterly or annual payments. The NSPCC will send a child a letter from Santa for just £5; while donating £25 to Barnardos will pay for a Christmas meal and outing such as ice skating for a child.

Or, to make sure that everyone can have a comfortable Christmas, just a £5 donation to Centrepoint will give a homeless young person a hot Christmas dinner with all the trimmings; £10 will buy them a present under the tree; while £31 will allow the charity to provide a bed with clean sheets for the night. 

Make your gift this year make a difference.

image via stephenhanafin on Flickr

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:00 (GMT+00)
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