Do Virgins Get More Done?

By Rosina Rubylips

It’s nice start your morning with a good, hearty LOL, isn’t it?  This morning the BuzzFeed headline, Do Virgins Get More Done?, gave me mine.  'Cause if this virgin is any indication, the answer is a resounding, “heeeell no!”

I am, by nature, a lazy, lazy bitch.  Sure, I’ve gotten more productive as I’ve gotten older and wiser and realized that being a professional filmmaker/actress/writer/crafter/baker/superhero wasn’t just going to happen through osmosis.  But if I let my natural inclinations have their way I’d probably be perfectly content to spend all day in bed watching old TV seasons on DVD, trolling the Internet and subsisting on pizza rolls and Yoo-Hoo.   Working at being more productive is an ongoing challenge for me.

The theory, I guess, is that virgins have more time on their hands.  They aren’t going on dates or having marathon sex sessions.  They aren’t tethered down by needy spouses or kids.  So, basically they have nothing else to do but be productive.  And while that’s true, to an extent, it’s also a little bit bullshit. 

Jessica at Tango made a great point.  She said:

“...time is only one fact of life us human beings contend with: how one feels about being single — or virginal — is the real issue here. You can’t get much accomplished if you’re preoccupied with loneliness or feelings of inadequacy.

Or — let’s be honest — totally horny.”

True that.  When you feel lonely and inadequate you just end up spending a pretty large chunk of all that “free time” you’ve got agonizing over all your inadequacies.  Or you simply do nothing because you feel like, what’s the point?  You just coast.

I also have a hard time believing that the sexually active are spending all their time in the sack or with their significant others/sexual partners.  I know women who have boyfriends and active sex lives, some of whom are 10 times more productive than me and some who make me look like an overachiever. 

Productivity is a mindset.  It’s not about whether anyone is getting into your panties or not.  It’s about how you feel in your own panties.  It’s about how much you think you’re worth, what you want to accomplish and how much effort you’re willing to put forth.

And whether or not you’ve just got series 5 of Ab Fab in from Netflix.

Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:55 (GMT+01)
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