Father's Day Cards To Say How You Really Feel

By Cate Sevilla

Father's Day us almost upon us. There are people on Twitter reminding us to buy beer for Daddy and show him what a "good little girl" we've been lately.

There are horrific TV adverts reminding us of what A Great Dad we have, and don't we want to customize him a very special card from Moon Pig?

Don't we want to tell the number one man in our life just how amazing he is? (With a tie?)

But what about those Father's Day cards that tell your Dad what you really feel? Those cards that help you say what you want to say to your magnificent father.

That special man in your life who taught you so much...

Who never paid the correct amount of child support. Who always missed your soccer games. Who had a love child with your piano teacher  that you didn't find out about until you were 30...

Well, through the magic of SomeeCards - now you can.

You can use their "create your own card" system to make your very own Father's Day card that can help you say a big fucking thank you to the man to blame for all those therapy bills.

Here are BitchBuzz's very own Father's Day cards!

Hopefully these will help inspire you to make your own...

For The "Friendly" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


For The "Business Trip" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


For The "Commitment-Phobe" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards



For The "Curious" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


For The "Over-Worked" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


For The "Family Court" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


For The "Family Oriented" Dad:

BitchBuzz Father's Day Cards


So go on! Give your Dad a card he'll never forget!

Tue, 09 Jun 2009 17:00 (GMT+01)
4 Responses

Sending one as we speak (as you read this?). Absolutely perfect!

Tue, 09-Jun-2009 16:56 GMT

OMFG.... This is hilarious..... Chuckled a bit too much...

Tue, 09-Jun-2009 20:16 GMT

Oh my dad is SO getting one of these.

rosina rubylips
Tue, 09-Jun-2009 21:12 GMT

Rosina, I think I know a few dads who will be getting ALL of them.

Tue, 09-Jun-2009 21:37 GMT

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