Getting Rid of Your Unnecessary Baggage

By Kate Henley

We can all be a little guilty of keeping unnecessary baggage in our lives; we lug around useless information, bad habits and unsatisfying relationships in a metaphorical suitcase that’s been greatly over packed. We have zero hope of zipping that baby up, yet we carry this weight around every day, allowing it to drag us down and get in our way.

What we need is to reduce the clutter in our lives and in our minds, down from an oversized suitcase to a manageable backpack, filling it only with the things that we require and enjoy.

Too much of the unnecessary can clog our minds, waste our time and use up our valuable energy, and this year I’m cutting the crap and voting to simplify. By having less obligations, less bad company, less belongings, less of everything, we can make time and space for more fun, more fulfilling relationships, more of what enriches us.

What I mean is, rid ourselves of what we don’t want/need and add in much more of what we do.


Relationships are a vital aspect of our lives; we thrive off human contact. But we often keep up with unsatisfying relationships that don’t make us happy and rarely give much thought about why we do it. I recently realised that I was forever making all the effort with an old friend; I’d always text first, call first and arrange a get together first. I no longer wanted to be the one to put in all the work and realised how largely this took place in several of my relationships. This year, if a relationship leaves me feeling heavy in any way, I’m leaving it back in 2012.

Make a change to your relationships this year. Don’t go making the efforts with those who make none in return, spend more time with the people who fulfill you and much less time with those who definitely do not.

Social Media 

Call me crazy, but I’m not at all interested in what people who I haven’t spoken to for years are up to. I was scrolling through Facebook at the end of the year, through countless complaints, drunken photographs and opinionated statuses of school friends, old colleagues and people I’m not sure I’ve ever met…and I realised that I didn’t give a damn. I didn’t care for what I was reading. I don’t need to be reading information that is so useless to me and I don’t need to be constantly rolling my eyes at the couple who change their relationship status every other day.

So I made a new Facebook, deleted my previous account and felt freaking amazing. It feels good to only see the updates of those you’re genuinely interested in and you save yourself so much time and energy when you limit those you follow/friend.


Let’s start with your wardrobe. How much of the contents do you actually wear? Before I rifted through my clothes, I wore about 20% of what I owned. I was keeping old things that were no longer my style and clothes that didn’t fit well ‘just in case’. I decided if I didn’t love it or wear it, it was going. 80% of my shirts, dresses, shoes and coats went to various charity shops. You’ll be amazed by how much more you have to wear when you own less clothes.

Hit the rest of your belongings afterwards. Go through books you don’t want, cosmetics you never use, drawers piled with things you forgot you even had; be absolutely ruthless. Be honest and careless and generous - if it can go to a better home than the back of your wardrobe, give it away!

Limiting Beliefs 

I am well and truly taking care of business this year. 2013 is the year to get over those beliefs and negative thoughts that hold you back and keep you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. Make a whole hearted decision to tell yourself that you’re going to go for it this year, whatever ‘it’ may be. Rid yourself of old beliefs and opinions that clog up room needed for great ideas, cheerful thoughts and bold decisions. Let’s make no space at all for belittling or counterproductive thoughts this year.

Want to get a head start on clearing the unwanted clutter in your life? Give thought to the people who hold you back, give away EVERY item of clothing you don’t absolutely love, have a social media clearout and do something to counteract a limiting belief. Today. Right now. 

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