How Did We All Become So Boring!?

By Cate Sevilla

Recently in the Guardian, Stuart Jefferies examined both popular music and TV shows of today and how they represent a new wave coined by’s Peter Robinson as “The New Boring”. 

The “Old Boring” was all about Leona Lewis and Coldplay, but this new wave consists of Adele, Kirstie Allsop’s crafting bible, Downtown Abbey and even supermarkets playing on our Recession Anxiety. (No, we cannot be bothered to bring this coupon for £1.12 back to the store so you can price-match ASDA, Sainsburys. We're too fecking bored thank you very much.)

But, are we really that bored? Have things really become that boring?

Sure people are all obsessively baking, and crafting, and watching period dramas and listening to piano heavy, borderline depressing ballads that get played over and over and over again...but really, we’re not all that beige. No matter what the apparently influx of brogues and Christmas jumpers suggest.

 I mean, we have something interesting going on. We have Lady Gaga. We have, um, Frozen Planet. And Melancholia...never mind it being about the end of the world. Oh! And sperm thieves! Mustn't forget the sperm thieves. And we

It would appear that the economic downfall of the entire world has us stuck on repeat. Since 2008, has the world just collectively become stuck in a rut? Has the recession made us all just accept that crafting and cupcakes and DIY tea dresses as interesting?

And, with all of this boring going on, how do we become exciting again?

Maybe we should put together a conference with a bunch of overpaid speakers who tell us what they and their infinite wisdom think. And livestream it. Oh wait...

I feel as though the word "disruption" has some important role to play, but it seems as though even the best attempts at this lately have just been yawn-inducing. Whatever shall we do?

Image via kakissel's Flickr

Fri, 18 Nov 2011 14:00 (GMT+00)
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I like the New Boring. Especially when it gives people excuses to post pictures of cats on the internet ;-)

Lori Smith
Fri, 25-Nov-2011 17:16 GMT

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