How Much Could I Have Sold My Virginity For?

By Michelle Tilley

Anyone else out there in the habit of exchanging humorous links with friends to provide amusement during the working day? Yeah, didn’t think it was just me...

A friend of mine recently sent me link to an advert where some girl was auctioning her virginity online. (I'd show you the link, but the page isn’t there anymore - and I stupidly forgot to cache it or get a screen shot.)

This one stood out for me personally because it was the first UK-based one I’d seen - but there are loads out there. They’re mostly hoaxes or cruel jokes played on the “advertiser” - I’m guessing this one was a hoax because the girl said she was from Essex, and everyone (well, the UK BitchBuzz contingent anyway) knows that there are *no* virgins in Essex (or computers for that matter). KIDDING.

So people selling their virginity online is nothing new. But whenever I see one of these ads, I always ask myself the same two questions:

1) Does anyone actually buy these things?

2) How much could I have gotten for mine?

How do you calculate the value of something like that?

Virginity has always been considered important. The term originates from the Greek and Latin word “Virgo”. It was used in Greek mythology to classify goddesses who refused to succumb to Dionysus - the god of seduction and wine (an ironic pairing, thinking about it in a modern context).

Virginity, here, denoted strength independence and power. It only became directly associated with sex - or lack there of - in Medieval times. Girls were expected to remain chaste until marriage and those that didn’t had their “worth” as wives seriously diminished. In many cultures, this is still the norm. And virginity is a prized commodity for other “reasons” as well. In many parts of Africa, for example, sex with a virgin is believed to be a cure for AIDS.

Obviously my virginity wouldn’t have cured anyone’s AIDS - nor do I feel that the lack of it has particularly damaged my suitability for marriage. But some people do get a real kick out of the idea of being there first. And some of those people are probably willing to pay.

So what could I have gotten? £1000? £100,000? £1,000,000? Is one person’s virginity more valuable than another’s? What other factors should be taken into consideration when making this kind of purchase? What kind of quality control measures should be used? And how do you calculate the postage and packaging for such a purchase? I’m guessing it would be cab fare home the next day - but I’ve already got a history of selling myself short in this area so maybe I’m wrong - after all, I didn’t even get bus fare home!

And finally - why is it only a girl’s virginity that matters here?

I’ve never heard of a man selling his virginity online. I’ve never heard of any culture that places great value on the man’s virginity - for marriage or anything else. I’ve never heard any women talking about the “thrill” of being with a male virgin. And it’s not surprising really. In girls, virginity symbolises purity, untouched-ness and usually, a good, tight fuck for the “lucky” guy who gets there first. With boys, virginity is associated with weakness, low social standing - a punch line that leaves everyone involved sorely disappointed.

It’s all a crock of shit, really. A person’s virginity is special and valuable - but only to them. It won’t cure any diseases or guarantee a happy marriage. And if any of those things were to suddenly become true - the defining point is the state of virginity, not the sex of the virgin in question.

But clearly, this whole myth about the value of a virgin girl isn’t going anywhere - after all, its been around since the Medieval times, and there are still a lot of men out there who relish boldly going where no man has gone before, contradictory modern logic be damned.

So, I reckon our best bet is to try and level the playing field. I say we find a male virgin and convince him to let us auction his virginity on We be providing him with a valuable service and he’ll probably buy us all a thank-you drink with the money he gets from it. Who’s with me?!!!

Erm, yeah, maybe not...

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 09:30 (GMT+01)
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As i collector of Virginity Auction stories, I've been fascinated with the whole Natalie Dylan "I'm selling my virginity through a brothel for $3.8 million, but I'm not a prostitute" story. But of all the stories I've seen out there (and some are truly sad), I want to share my favorite, because it points to the strange silliness of the whole premise:

Several years ago, a woman in the UK named Rosie Reed auctioned off her virginity to pay for tuition. The fact that she was a sexually experienced lesbian in a committed relationship did not seem to affect her status as a virgin.

She ultimately sold the right to penetrate her vaginally with a penis for $15K US. This proves two things: The US is a far better place for capitalist endeavors. And it truly does take a dick to lose your virginity.

The whole thread from The American Virgin blog is here:

Therese Shechter
Fri, 10-Apr-2009 21:27 GMT

I know what you mean about girls and virginity. Who ever cared about a boys virginity? No-one....or so I thought.

I got sent this story via my blog recently. Prepare yourself:

Kate Monro
Sat, 11-Apr-2009 17:10 GMT
Wed, 23-Sep-2009 18:08 GMT

according to my grandmother virginity is the most important thing in a woman maybe in their generation, but now a days i don't think so virginity is important for a woman a lot of our young ages now is involve in premarital sex.

Adult Toys
Fri, 07-May-2010 07:58 GMT

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