Natalie Lue's Relationship Workshops

By Cate Sevilla

Being in a relationship with someone who you can never quite figure out is never fun. ("Does he actually love me?" "What is he really thinking?") Admitting to yourself that you're with someone who is emotionally unavailable or "distant" is even less fun. However! Thankfully there are voices of reason out there in this crazy world who can give us sound advice on how to deal with someone a partner who is emotionally unavailable.

No, I don't mean Dr. Phil or Carrie Bradshaw (she's fictional, people!) - nor do I mean those "relationships experts" that regularly appear on reality TV shows. I'm talking about Natalie Lue from Baggage Reclaim.

Those of you may be familiar with Natalie from Baggage Reclaim or her "cool stuff for kids" blog, Bambino Goodies. Natalie has regularly appeared on Sky News, lent her voice and opinions to BBC Radio, and has been featured in Red Magazine, various other newspapers and most recently, Fabulous Magazine - and it's her sharp intellect and honest opinions and advice that keep thousands of readers every month asking Natalie for guidance in their relationships. (Or lack of one...)

Lucky for us, Natalie is now running a series new series of both online and "in real life" relationship workshops in London to help give women practical and real world advice for when they're in a relationship with "unavailable" men. At Natalie's premier workshop on November 2nd at Jewel Bar in Piccadilly Circus titled "You're Not Going Crazy, He's Mr. Unavailable" you'll learn three, core valuable lessons, including how to identify a "Mr.Unavailable", how to discover the qualities, characteristics and behaviours that make you an ideal candidate for the limited relationship the Mr.Unavailables have to offer, and finally, how to ditch access baggage and find healthier habits.

Sound like something you could benefit from? Here are the details:

When: Tuesday November 2nd 19.00 – 20.45 (doors open from 6.45 and you can hang for drinks afterwards too)

Where: Jewel Bar Piccadilly Circus, 4-6 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DQ

Closest Tube: Piccadilly Circus (it’s literally right outside it!)

Tickets: £18.50 – £23 (Special 20% off discount code for BitchBuzz readers: BITCHBUZZ)

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