15 Starbucks Drinks Under 150 Calories

While everyone is freaking out about losing weight and pretending as though they’re going to run five miles every morning or start going to the gym at 5am, the rest of us are getting on with our every day lives.However, crazy diets and exercise regimes aside, trying to eat a bit healthier isn’t exactly bad idea, is it? I can’t knock people who are trying to eat their five a day or snack on some kale rather than, I don’t know, eight cupcakes. For a lot of people, just making small chang...

04 Jan 2012 15:23 GMT

Coping with the Post-Christmas Come Down

I hate to break it to you, but it is over. Put down the Cava, step away from the smoked salmon and face up to facts: all good things have to come to an end.After two weeks of intense festivities, the real world is calling. As a hardened Christmas addict, I find cutting the festive ties particularly painful. Once the decorations have been taken down, I find myself pacing the house wondering where all the magic has gone.

02 Jan 2012 11:47 GMT

The Hidden Dangers of New Year's Eve

Many bad things are said these days about New Year's Eve. We always assumed it was going to be The Best Night Out Ever, when it usually just ended up being an expensive disappointment, so now many sensible people tend to realise they should probably rein it in a bit. All well and good, but has anyone ever mentioned the hidden dangers of NYE when you're single?

30 Dec 2011 18:00 GMT

How to Avoid Arguments at Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! There'll be much mistltoeing and hearts will be glowing, when loved ones are near... well, if you're Andy Williams, at least! For the rest of us, Christmas can often be a time for arguments with loved ones as we are all thrown together in the name of celebration. Whether we like it or not.

23 Dec 2011 11:38 GMT

Dos and Don'ts for Holiday Small Talk

Holidays bring the often trying task of making small talk with people you do not really know, whether they are co-workers in distant cubicles, business acquaintances you've never really had a chance to develop a rapport with or relatives you can't actually recall having met before, or at least not since the age of three. While Oscar Wilde maintained that, "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative," I say any port in a storm when faced with days of chit chat with ...

22 Dec 2011 10:00 GMT

A Festive Gift Guide for Lovers

Buying gifts for lovers can be a tricky business. They might already have a wishlist for the big items they're after, but what it you want to add in a little something else? Perhaps a present for them to unwrap when the family aren't around? At this time of year, many inexpensive items in shops are labelled as "stocking fillers" and a lot of them are useless tat. If you want to buy something that won't simply be put in a drawer and forgotten about, I may have just the thing.

16 Dec 2011 14:00 GMT

Are Your Life and Relationship All Planned Out?

Do you have a life plan, or are you one of those people who decides to just see where things take you? Are you ticking things off on a list, or are you constantly re-evaluating what you want and need? As kids, many of us plan out our future life - e.g. school, college/university, job, marriage, house, kids - but then there comes a time when you start questioning that plan. But we all still need to know where we're heading, right?

09 Dec 2011 15:39 GMT

Are You HIV Aware?

Do you know what HIV is and how it is transmitted? Do you know if you have it? Do you even know if you're at risk? As the Act Aware campaign has reminded us on the week of World Aids Day, knowledge of HIV is on the decline despite the fact it's very important for protecting yourself and your partner. So, what can we do?

02 Dec 2011 13:00 GMT

Holiday Gifts That Won't Steal Your Soul

If you watched the Black Friday madness in the States last week—a horrifying inversion of the Occupy movement: people camping out in the streets, buying pepper spray and using it on fellow shoppers or even shooting at them—you got a sharp reminder that holiday sho...

01 Dec 2011 10:32 GMT

Potential New Fitness Craze: Treadmill Dancing

This past weekend I defied the odds and went to the gym.Please, please, hold your applause.While huffing and puffing away on the cross trainer, Beyoncé’s “Girls” came on, and it made me up my speed and even put on a game face. There may have been some slight hip wiggles going on. I was impressed with myself, perhaps even a little bit smug. There’s just something about the question “Who run this mutha?” that really gets the adrenaline going.

29 Nov 2011 10:15 GMT

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