Is Groupon Calling You Fat Every Morning?

I love coupons. I love discounts. I love free bread before my meal and free chips and salsa with my margarita. I’m also (surprise!) a woman.However, I do not need to have degrading discounts shoved down my throat, or bombarding my inbox every single morning, thank you very much. Even if I do (apparently) have yellow teeth, too much body hair, and a fat ass.

25 Oct 2011 14:42 GMT

Getting Off on Good Vibrations

Many women absolutely love their vibrators. They're great for when you're alone, when penetration is not enough, when you just don't have the time, and when you need a super-quickie to help you sleep. They come in all shapes and sizes and, if a buzz really gets you going, you're bound to find one which its the spot.

21 Oct 2011 14:00 GMT

Get Inspired by the Erotic Meet

Have you ever wanted to do something creative but find yourself lacking inspiration? Artistic folk often find themselves in need of a bit of encouragement but, if your work is rather more adult-themed, this can sometimes be tricky. If you write erotica, paint passionate nudes, or create something else that turns people on, just turning up at an artists' get-together doesn't necessarily give you the input you might hope for.

20 Oct 2011 14:36 GMT

One World Birth: a Living Birth Documentary

What is the current thinking around birth? By building a evolving resource of video footage with experts from around the world, One World Birth aims to provide an ongoing dialogue about information and research surrounding birth, and in doing so start a revolution.I first came across One World Birth because, well, I gave birth. More importantly, I gave birth in a positive, physiological birth-...

19 Oct 2011 14:30 GMT

Breast Cancer Awareness: More than a Pink Ribbon

October is always a difficult month for me. Each year October arrives with a flurry of fall leaves and pink breast cancer ribbons. I’m more aware of breast cancer than most 25 year-olds lasses might be. I lost my mother-in-law Judy to breast cancer a little over a year ago.  Every October I’m reminded that there still isn’t a cure for breast cancer...

18 Oct 2011 14:16 GMT

Stop Living Vicariously Through Tumblr

The internet allows us to look at other people’s lives more than we ever could before. People willingly divulge almost every minute detail of the existence, and the rest of us lap it up like it's cupcake flavoured water. However, while entertaining as this pastime of absorbing another person’s life has become, it's also become a bit destructive.

17 Oct 2011 18:11 GMT

The Health and Safety of Sex

Sex can be a risky business. If you're not careful you could end up bruised, sore, infected or even pregnant. Even if you don't mind or actually intend for some of those things to happen, I'm pretty sure no one wants to get an STI. If an exchange of bodily fluids is taking place, there is always a chance - however small - that you might catch something. So, how do we protect against this?

14 Oct 2011 09:00 GMT

Are You a Writer in Need of Inspiration?

Writing is difficult. Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet or scribe - it can get rather difficult. You reveal and expose your soul, personal details, and your creativity on a daily basis. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing it, but, oh so often, you must. And this is precisely why there are so many blogs and websites dedicated to you. From writers block to writing methods, the internet is obsessed with those who write.

13 Oct 2011 18:00 GMT

Top or Bottom: What's Your Style?

Top, bottom and switch - or versatile - are words that can be used to describe the role a gay or bisexual man takes during sex. They can also be used to describe the roles people adopt in BDSM play or relationships. However, they can can apply to women or vanilla folk too. It's not just about what you do, but is more about how you do it....

07 Oct 2011 14:30 GMT

Do You Want a Body Like a Mermaid or a Whale?

Have you heard the one about the mermaid and the whale?  A photo of a “plus-size” French model with an accompanying anecdote has been making the Facebook rounds recently.  The gist is that somewhere out there a gym recently posted a picture of a thin and beautiful woman with the caption, “This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?” whic...

06 Oct 2011 13:38 GMT

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