Do you Want Your Relationship to be Effortless?

Every television sitcom, RomCom and Chick Lit book seem to preach that “relationships aren’t easy”. Marriages “aren’t easy”. Everything has to be an uphill battle, a huge compromise. It’s normal to go months without sex and for the good day to be far outnumbered by the bad days.I’m not a relationships expert, but I don’t think it has to be all that hard.

03 Oct 2011 19:18 GMT

Is Online Flirting the Same as Cheating?

How do you define infidelity? What constitutes cheating? None of us can assume that someone else's version of what is acceptable within a romantic relationship is the same as ours. So, what can we do about it? Set some boundaries, that's what!Boundaries help to define your relationship and how you exist within that, so they are far more necessary than you might think. Without boundaries you're just saying yes to everything, so how can you ever be responsible for your o...

30 Sep 2011 14:23 GMT

Trying to Convince Yourself you Want Kids?

Helen Mirren was quoted recently explaining how she simply never wanted to have children. Try as she may, that warm, maternal “I must procreate!” feeling never took over Helen’s mind and body.

29 Sep 2011 19:00 GMT

Lovely Treats to Help You (Finally) Relax

I am horrible at relaxing. If you leave me to “sleep”, you’ll find me on Twitter. Taking a bath? I’m checking my emails. Relaxing outside? I’m writing something in my head and planning next week. It’s nothing to be proud of, trust me. It’s just plain stupid.However, I have found a couple of things that have tricked me in to relaxing. Some of those things I am not willing to write about here because I have some boundaries (not many, but some...) and I thought it would do some good to sh...

28 Sep 2011 17:00 GMT

How Involved are You in Your Local Community?

We are all thoroughly intertwined in each other’s lives throughout many, many online communities. We know more about people we’ve never met in real life than we do our next door neighbour. We can tell you all about folks we don’t even like more than that woman we sit next to on the train every single morning.

27 Sep 2011 19:00 GMT

Why Bullying is not 'Just Something Kids Do'

It’s very rare to meet someone who wasn't bullied in some way, shape or form growing up. It would seem that being teased when you were younger is quite normal, and almost a right of passage. But why is this such an accepted thing in western society?How many people who are now adults have discovered that a lot of their issues have stemmed from how they were treated by other kids when they were younger? How they were teased and bullied in school? As a culture, we’ve just accepted ...

26 Sep 2011 14:00 GMT

How to Get Fired Really Quickly

Back in the old days, it was harder to get fired. (Notice how I said "fired" and not "laid off" or "made redundant" because we all know how easy that is these days. Thanks a lot [insert name of your country's PM/President/Government here]).To get fired on the spot, you used to have to have a complete mental breakdown and pour hot coffee all over your boss's face and stab someone with a ballpoint pen. Or, you could just not show up which, quite frankly, is a lot less exciting than going...

23 Sep 2011 19:00 GMT

How Ethical is Your Sex Life?

There's currently a big trend towards all things ethical. Whether it's food or fashion, if it's Fairtrade, organic or recycled, we will probably take a closer look because going "green" will make us feel better about ourselves. So why don't we do the same with our sex lives?Many people don't think of sex as something that can be ethical, yet sexual ethics cover a whole host of different subjects relating to human sexual behaviour. Although the 

23 Sep 2011 12:00 GMT

UNICEF's Study on Children and Happiness

Last week the results of research carried out by UNICEF and IPSOS Mori  made headlines when it seemed to suggest that UK children are the least happy in Europe because of consumer pressures. Only, that isn’t actually what it said.Consumer pressure was involved but rather as a symptom, not the problem itself. The study (read it in full)  c...

19 Sep 2011 12:00 GMT

What Does The Media Think Sex Is?

Some days I look at the newsstand and wonder if anyone in a position of influence in a newspaper or magazine company actually knows what sex is. That three-letter word often features prominently on front covers, but the articles behind the headlines rarely contain much of use or interest. Is sex really just a way to sell more copies?

16 Sep 2011 13:00 GMT

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