How to Have a Spring Detox

Spring is in the air, the weather is becoming warmer and the first green shoots are appearing. The blossom is about to burst from the tree branches the signal that Spring has at last sprung. This is the perfect time to start thinking about our own rejuvenation.  Rather than using the New Year i.e. January as the detox month, just because the magazines tell us that it should be that way. Whatever your detox consists of, it is much easier on the body to choose March instead. ...

22 Mar 2011 15:30 GMT

Housewife Envy: Women & Recessions

They're everywhere; cupcakes, retro cooking shows, bloggers baking bread, painting old furniture, growing tomatoes and knitting berets. I've always wanted to be one of those people who buy fresh flowers and coordinate them with the glazing on my home-made cupcakes. Unfortunately I'm not, and now the blogosphere is filling me with envy.

17 Mar 2011 15:30 GMT

Is Taking Vitamins & Supplements Necessary?

I am such a vitamin-aholic. A supplement sponge. Someone incapable of getting through the day without a handful of different coloured pills and a bucket full of good intentions. I start off my day with a Green Tea, which the gods of Holland & Barratt have assured me is essential in helping me burn fat. Oh, and as an added bonus, it will help my brain work better too. 

11 Mar 2011 18:00 GMT

What Does It Mean To Say "I Do"?

As the Royal Wedding approaches, marriage is once again on many people's minds, but is anyone really thinking about it?  As tying the knot becomes less and less common amongst young people, it would seem logical to assume that everyone doing it has carefully considered the options available and realised this is right for their relationship.  However, is this really the case?

11 Mar 2011 12:30 GMT

How to Irritate Supermodels & Authority Figures

A few weeks ago I got an assignment to interview models about the stresses of fashion week. I had heard about supermodel Erin O'Connor's model sanctuary in Covent Garden, a safe haven for models to relax, eat healthily and get massages and nutritional advice. Nice, I thought, why isn't there such a place for freelance journalists?

10 Mar 2011 13:00 GMT

French vs. American Sexuality

American and French women differ on many levels but one of the most obvious resides in our contrasting ideologies on sexuality and nudity. Perhaps the best representation of this difference is a simple trip to the gynecologist...A first visit to the gynecologist, though fraught with dread and embarrassment, is one of the pivotal milestones in womanhood. It symbolizes one step away from youth, taking our sexual health into our own hands and accepting the fact t...

10 Mar 2011 09:30 GMT

Travelling as a First Time Mum

Having never ventured farther than the other side of London, is it crazy to consider a long-distance road trip when I've never gone abroad with a baby before?Before my daughter was born, travelling with her seemed like it might be quite complex but doable. Now she's here, it seems even more daunting, but also more appealing. Seven months at home has been wonderful, but now I'm dying to take her further afield and show her the world. My mother-in-law is already...

09 Mar 2011 15:00 GMT

The Problem with Portion Sizes

Banquets have long been a part of our culture from medieval to modern times, food has been a way of sharing love and companionship with friends and family alike. The Romans famously took hours to complete their numerous courses, often forcing themselves to vomit in between courses to make room for the next one. Food is a unifier, whether is is for business and pleasure. Celebrations and commiserations, are often signified with a slap-up meal to either congratulate or to heal the pain.  ...

04 Mar 2011 13:00 GMT

How to Get High on Life

For thousands of years humans have been chasing natural highs. We chase lots of unnatural highs too, of course, and rather a few totally illegal ones. It seems that the way we live depends on feeling the good feeling. Living the good life. I am constantly doing things that are entirely designed to make me feel happy, buoyant, relaxed. From what I eat, to who I socialise with, it is kind of fair to say that being happy is an important part of it, even if at times it is just something to ...

25 Feb 2011 14:00 GMT

Births on Screen: Will They Ever Be Positive?

Certainly the media are no friend to the new mother; conflicting advice on everything from weaning to routines, scaremongering and guilt are par for the course. But before they’ve even cradled the baby in their arms, women can be made to fear birth thanks to panicky portrayals of labour and delivery.

23 Feb 2011 13:00 GMT

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