Women Can Tattoo, Who knew? (Everyone.)

Yes, the rumours are true. According to a recent article in The Guardian the number of female tattoo artists is on the rise - something that is very well documented.

09 Oct 2012 13:30 GMT

Investing in Bank YOU! (No, Really)

I really am going to compare you to a bank, but one that doesn't leave you in sheer panic each month. The You Bank focuses more on how you spend your time rather than your money. I'm talking about investing in yourself, checking in on that balance and steering clear of debt.

09 Oct 2012 09:00 GMT

Why You Should Work out with a Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor may not seem like a "must" for your exercise regime, but believe me, it is. I recently got my hands on a Polar FT7 heart rate monitor to try and help me push myself further in my exercise excursions, and boy, it worked.

08 Oct 2012 14:00 GMT

Pink Products & Campaigns You'll Actually Like

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, and with that comes a slew of brands who want to help the cause, donating profits and making pretty pink products that will entice us all to buy up and in turn, aid breast cancer awareness.

05 Oct 2012 09:30 GMT

The Medicine for a Break-Up

Has a recent split left you with what feels like a permanent hangover, a sudden lack of self-esteem and a slightly stale ensemble that suggests you haven't left the house or showered in several days? We've all been there. Whether 'the one' called it off just as you were expecting a proposal, whether the arsehole cheated or whether it just wasn't working out... Break ups suck. 

02 Oct 2012 09:30 GMT

Cycletta and the Women's Cycling Revolution

This June, on my 27th birthday I was given a brand new bicycle. The first time I took it for a ride, with the warm, summer breeze on my face and that familiar feeling of absolute physical freedom, I was instantly 10 years old again. (That is, until my body quickly reminded me that I was most certainly not 10 years old…)

01 Oct 2012 12:00 GMT

Do You Remember The First Time?

If I asked you if you remembered your first time, you'd assume I meant a very specific thing. Not the first time you held hands with someone, kissed a person you fancied, had 'the talk' and decided you were in a relationship, realised you were gay, went on holiday together, or realised they were the only one for you. No, people always associate their "first time" with the first time they had sex.

28 Sep 2012 15:00 GMT

12 Reasons to Celebrate the Return of Autumn

I love living in my own flat and, most of the time; I have to bribe myself to leave it. Right now, McDonald’s Mozzarella Dippers do the trick, but they are seasonal, and when they stop serving them I have to think of alternative reasons to leave.

26 Sep 2012 09:01 GMT

How to Grab Life With Both Hands

Life is something to be enthusiastic about. It deserves to be grabbed with both hands and taken full advantage of. What a waste if we were to simply allow life to fly by before our eyes without truly attempting to get what we can out of it. And I'm talking about every little bit of it. The early mornings, your recent work project, a night out with friends. Grab everything with both hands and approach it all with as much enthusiasm as you can possibly muster before a decent b...

25 Sep 2012 09:49 GMT

Are You Benefitting From The Benefits?

Friends with benefits (or fuck buddies, if we're being blunt) has become a widely accepted trend. It's easy to see the attraction for both parties. No commitment, no emotions and good, uncomplicated sex. However, it doesn’t always go to plan. Are you sure that you're benefitting from the benefits?

18 Sep 2012 15:30 GMT

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