What To Do In Times Of Drought

Sex is much like many other commodities. It satisfies some of our most basic wants and needs, can be sold by some, and plentiful supplies can sometimes dry up. So, what happens if you find yourself in a bit of a sexual drought? No hope of a naked romp in your immediate future. How do you satisfy those needs when you have no partner to get close to?

17 Aug 2012 12:00 GMT

Advice from a College Drop-Out: Go to Uni!

Unless you've managed to completely avoid the internet and all forms of news, today is the day where hopeful students everywhere receive their A-level results - although I'm still not entirely sure what those are. (I'm American and can't be bothered to Google.)

16 Aug 2012 13:00 GMT

An Organised Affair: The Metropol Filofax

I’m not going to be shy about this. I’m in a long term relationship but I can’t keep it a secret any longer. I have to get this off my chest. I have a crush. I wish I could say that it might go away, that it isn't serious, but I can’t lie to myself. It won’t go away until I get what I want...

15 Aug 2012 10:00 GMT

5 Reasons I Want to Move to North America

Anyone who knows me personally knows that my heart does not bleed Britain. I am not a Doctor Who fan, I choose hot chocolate over tea, and I wouldn’t be caught dead having fish with my chips. Instead, I like my food in large quantities and preferably flame grilled. I must have been from Northern America in another life, and therefore think it's high time I move back to my true homeland.

14 Aug 2012 15:00 GMT

Ride Beautifully with Victoria Pendleton's Bikes

The women of the Team GB cycling team have inspired thousands - if not millions - of young girls all over the world to get into cycling. For those of you who are ready to hit the road (rather than just crying on the sofa watching clips from the Velodrome), Victoria Pendleton has designed her very own range of bicycles. Exciting, non?

14 Aug 2012 08:25 GMT

Lessons for Life: How to Keep on Learning

Continuing to learn in our everyday lives is incredibly important. Whether it’s to get on with our Español, or to master our IT skills; whether we follow a curiosity or a real passion, there is plenty of choice if we want to keep on learning.There is no reason why we should sit on our degrees and forget about the value of education, only because we started our careers. Not only does it offer a great escapism from routine, learning mostly awakens a forgotten feeling of being able...

09 Aug 2012 12:34 GMT

The Truth About BV & Feminine Washes

Now, I had no idea what this was a few years ago. I'd not seen any information on this condition and so, when I noticed a bit more discharge than usual, I bought some Femfresh wash and resolved to keep myself a bit cleaner. After all, you smell when you're dirty, right? So, I washed more often and bought boxes and boxes of panty liners. Problem solved, right?

03 Aug 2012 12:09 GMT

Whistle While You Work-Out: A Cycling Playlist

Like many others, I exercise from the comfort of my own home. I’m a cardio girl and likes to rock the stationary bike... mostly so I can ride like a champ and throw my arms in the air when I reach my goal, mimicking the roar of the crowd. With the 2012 Olympics in full swing, I'd say that's totally normal, right?

31 Jul 2012 09:26 GMT

Nike Wants You to 'Find Your Greatness'

With the Olympics officially kicking off today and achievement being the name of the game, it can be difficult to believe your own potential. But never fear, the mega sports brand, Nike is here to motivate us all to discover our own greatness in time for the nations’ proudest moment. As always, Nike is pushing me to rise from my sofa-nest and shout, “I am woman, ...

27 Jul 2012 09:46 GMT

Mercury Retrograde Sucks (If It Exists)

Dear Mercury,I hope that you are well and enjoying all of the scorching sunshine that you get up there, right next to the sun. Please say “hi” to Venus for me. She’s always so twinkly and pretty and I feel bad for sometimes referring to her as a “big-flashing-star-thingy”. I hope that she doesn’t take it personally.

26 Jul 2012 13:32 GMT

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