Reading Is Sexy

By Kate Henley

I believe that intelligence is sexy. I believe that reading is sexy. Fewer things are sexier to me than a well read individual; someone who gets their kicks from learning, escaping and indulging over an oversized cup of coffee. Back when I was a teenager, it was deemed extraordinarily uncool to willingly spend any longer than necessary in the library. But, even then, I knew that people who considered reading to be geeky had it all wrong.

Did you know that 25% of people never read books? In fact, the average person reads only four books a year and that is a great shame. If only we spent the hours that we spend watching television with our nose in a book instead.

Reading ups the intelligence, you see, and (in my opinion) the only trait sexier than intelligence is confidence. Being smart is super sexy and reading has all the benefits. Reading improves your vocabulary, your memory, your writing and conversational skills. It expands your general cultural knowledge, widens that wild imagination and improves analytical thinking. It also helps to reduce stress; taking you away from work, daily life, your worries AND the blooming TV we see all too much of. Unlike television, reading is a mental process; it keeps the brain going. There’s a lot more pleasure to be found in a book than in an episode of TOWIE.

If you’re not convinced, watch somebody reading; your lover, someone in a coffee shop, anyone! Take a look at the concentration and enthusiasm on their face. Reading is an intimate thing and it’s undeniably sexy to see someone absorbed by the words that they’re reading. Watching someone read is much sexier than watching someone on their phone, playing a video game or staring mindlessly at the television.

Ditch the soaps and reality shows and reach for something exciting tonight. Curl up in something outrageously comfy, pour yourself your favourite tipple and get gripped.

If you’re STILL unconvinced, type ‘reading is sexy’ into Pinterest.

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