Sport Support: The Best Bras for Your Bounce

By Anna Hennings

Despite designers' attempts at a four sizes will fit all mentality, as women of varying shapes and beautiful sizes, we can't all fit comfortably into the adorable Stella McCartney for Adidas outfits or the latest Nike women's sportswear tops. At least not without falling out of them when we actually try to do something active. Studies even prove it!

For ladies who need to secure the ladies, strap them down so the only thing jiggling when you jog (or walk, or box, or dance, or Jazzercize, or what have you) is belly- or booty-licious, here are some bras for you.

They may not be the most fashionable items on the market, but if you're serious about securing your breasts in place as you exercise, you're facing a down-to-business, no frills, serious bra. Without sacrificing the comfort of the bra itself and the high technology we can find in textiles these days, take a peek at what these shnazy pieces offer.

Title Nine's Last Resort Bra

This nylon/spandex blend bra boasts the retailer's highest rating for support, a whopping 5 barbells, and customers rave that bounce is completely eliminated.

Champion's Powerback Wirefree Bra

Champion's Powerback Wirefree Bra

This wireless support boasts adjustable straps and uber soft, wicking fabric that'll keep you dry and chafing-free. Bonus: no more uni-boob.

Shock Absorber D+ Max

Shock Absorber D+ Max

Undie Award winner for favorite full-figure sports bra, this one's structural seaming, moisture wicking and padded adjustable straps will keep you comfortable and, yup!, bounce-free.Note: You can select the best Shock Absorber bra for you -- based on your cup size and level of activity -- here

Lunaire Coolmax Underwire Bra

Lunaire Coolmax Underwire Bra

Here we have another Undie Award winner, this time for overall favorite sports bra. This one's underwire support promises to move as you move, and its microfiber construction dries five times faster than cotton.

Moving Comfort's Bye-Bye Bounce Bra

Moving Comfort's Bye-Bye Bounce Bra

The name gives it away, doesn't it?

And if you can't get a hold of any of these, or anything sufficient, my go-to tip is to double-up. As a larger-busted gal, I roll my eyes at anything with "built-in support" or that claims "one size fits all." (More like, one size fits anyone with zero boobs.) But, in a pinch, wearing a regular sports bra under one of those shelf-bra spandex tops, or even doubling up your supportless bras, will help keep the ladies from unwanted action.

Tue, 23 Jun 2009 14:30 (GMT+01)
2 Responses

Oh my gosh, Anna, this is so useful. I totally second the emotion that "built-in support" is such a joke if you're over a B cup.

It's time that the fitnesswear industry recognized that buxom ladies want to exercise, too!


Becky Regan
Tue, 23-Jun-2009 15:43 GMT

i born with heavy breasts could ask women for too help me buy bras

Sat, 26-Jun-2010 20:41 GMT

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