Stop Stalking Your Ex on Facebook. Seriously.

By Amy Rutter

Facebook-stalking your ex is a bad idea. Anyone disagree? This guy does…

In his article "In Defense Of Never Moving On", Brett Hannons describes how he thinks it’s OK to never really get over your exes. He says:

“I've found myself typing into the search bar, watching her name populate — lingering —debating whether it'd be okay if I finally caved and clicked”.

He thinks about “every single one of [his] exes every single day”. But he’s OK with that fact. He even goes on to say that he regularly reminisces about his ex-girlfriends.

I have to disagree with his notion that this is healthy. I’m not saying that you should necessarily completely erase every memory of your ex from your mind, but you shouldn't beat yourself up about losing them either. How can you ever fully move on if you’re regularly crawling through your ex’s photos in Corfu with his latest fling?

Recent research shows that pining over your ex on Facebook has a detrimental effect on the healing process. Psychologist Dr Tara Marshall of Brunel University, Uxbridge, conducted a survey of over 400 people and found that participants those who monitored their ex on Facebook suffered from a higher level of distress over the break-up, more negative feelings, sexual desire and longing for the ex-partner.

It also estimates that between a half and two-thirds of people have got in contact with an ex through Facebook, while over half admit to having looked through an ex's photos only to find out they’re in a new relationship.

It’s all too easy – and anonymous – to obsess over their Facebook profile, but I don’t think it’s harmless. You’re torturing yourself! Get up, log off and move on.

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Thu, 17 Jan 2013 16:30 (GMT+00)
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