Why Is The World So Ashamed About Sex?

By Lori Smith

Last week, many sex-positive people across the world were stunned to discover that an almost unbelievable news story they'd read on 1st April was actually far from a joke. Adult industry enraged as 'Porn Wikileaks' gives stars' real names said The Independent, amongst other news sources, and this story was actually even scarier than it sounds.  Not only were personal details revealed, but damaging lies were also told.  Why do some people insist on directing hateful words towards others because of their sexual preferences?

The homophobic and sexist language used against adult performers on the site has astonished writers at Salon.com, however, it wasn't just porn stars or sex workers whose details were published, even through the website labelled them as such.  Sex blogger Violet Blue has had much to say on the subject so, if you are after more details on what was published or advice on how to deal with such an 'outing', you should check out her blog post about 'Porn Wikileaks' and the AIM database:

"If you have ever been AIM (Adult Industry Medical Foundation) tested for any reason, whether or not you are a sex worker, porn performer or “porn star” your personal and private information has been published publicly at so-called “Porn Wikileaks” (pornwikileaks.com). That website is, in fact, a copy of Wikileaks with the word “porn” added in its place. The database exploit contains information belonging to over 15,000 people. The person or persons behind “Porn Wikileaks” has published stage names, real names associated with any stage names, addresses and other private information with the clear intent to do harm."

The hugely important thing here for all of us to take note of is that this information was published with intent to cause harm to people who have done nothing wrong.  Whatever their views on pornography, how could anyone possibly condone the actions of someone who not only reveals the personal information of others to the general public, but does so in such a blatantly malicious way?  I agree with sex worker Kitty Stryker when she say on her blog that, "It saddens me that we live in a world that is so keen on outing people for their sexual practices".

Why are there still some people in this world who find sex so thoroughly shameful that they simply must attack anyone who even mentions something to do with it?  These haters don't want anyone to be gay, promiscuous or, heaven forbid, get paid to perform sexual acts.  But, do you know what?  It's absolutely none of their business!  It's so very easy to avoid the details of other people's sex lives that I really don't understand why they can't just stick their fingers in their collective ears and STFU.  Stop being so judgemental of other people's choices and start making some better ones of your own.

Lori Smith is perfectly calm. In fact, she's so calm that she's probably ranting about something over on Twitter right now.

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Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:00 (GMT+01)
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Hear, hear. What adults choose to do with their bodies should be nobody's business but their own.

K. A. Laity
Fri, 08-Apr-2011 13:26 GMT

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