Would Separate Beds be Better for Relationships?

By Amy Rutter

I appreciate this title may be a little controversial and some may be horrified at the thought of sleeping apart from their partners.But as a light sleeper who is disturbed by pretty much any noise, movement or changes in temperature (I admit I must be a nightmare to share a bed with), my 40 winks are priceless.

I’m lucky that my boyfriend doesn’t snore, but he does steal the quilt and regularly shift over to my side of the bed. I might sound like I’m being a complete bitch – the poor guy probably just wants a hug – but this movement and sudden lack of personal space is likely to immediately wake me up. And once I’m awake, I’m awake. For this reason, he has been sent to the spare room or sofa on more than one occasion. And I’m not alone in wanting to sleep apart.

A recent study conducted by hotel chain Travelodge revealed that one in 10 couples sleep separately from their partner in favour of a good night's sleep, while 25% of couples aged 35 to 44 sleep in separate beds. It also reports that one in four couples repeatedly argue in bed because one keeps the other awake.

Wouldn’t it just be more healthy for everyone, and our relationships, if we had our own spaces in which to sleep? Tim Burton and wife Helena Bonham-Carter famously not only sleep apart, but live apart (owning neighbouring houses). I think they could be on to a good thing.

To keep the peace, and to actually get to sleep, would you ever consider separate beds?

Wed, 05 Dec 2012 14:00 (GMT+00)
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As a fellow light sleeper I couldn't agree more. What does love and attachment have to do with where and how you sleep??? Whenever I've voiced this oppinion I'm treated like what I actually said was, hey let's kill my husband. I just want some sleep, man.

Wed, 05-Dec-2012 14:47 GMT

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