A (Goodbye) Letter from the Editor, Cate Sevilla

By Cate Sevilla

Dear Readers and Friends, 

It is with great sadness to announce that today, January 18 2013, will be the last day that BitchBuzz.com will be updated.

The last four years and five months have been absolutely amazing. We have met some fantastic people, have travelled to brilliant places, and worked with a long list of incredible brands.

Over the years, our editorial team has changed greatly, but two thing have always remained the same: our values and our content.

I still believe that publications like BitchBuzz desperately need to exist, as current events have shown that between blatant sexism and blame culture, feminism still matters, and we need a diverse collection of voices in the media to represent that.

However, since our launch in August of 2008, the market has changed. The industry has changed. The internet and the female blogosphere have become, for better or for worse, incredibly saturated. It’s time for us to make a change, and to bow out on a high note.

Our editorial team is made up of some of the most witty and clever writers on the web - all of who you can follow over on Twitter via our Editorial Team List.

Jen Evans, our brilliant deputy editor is currently working on her PhD, and you can follow her over on Twitter as @BookishBrunette.

Likewise, Iain Buchanan, our co-founder and techie extraordinaire, can be followed as @IBwan.

As for me, Cate, I’m now officially available for new projects and am looking for new editorial opportunities. You can follow me as @CateSevilla.

If you have any questions, please email me.

To all of you who have been a reader, contributed to BitchBuzz or are a client that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, thank you.

This site has changed my life. Thank you for being part of it.



Fri, 18 Jan 2013 11:00 (GMT+00)
2 Responses

Sad, and understanding, and sympathetic, and hopeful, and all these other emotions are inside me directed at you. Have a kiss: x

Fri, 18-Jan-2013 11:54 GMT

Thank you for giving me something interesting to read, for giving me a platform for my writing, and for introducing me to lots of amazing female writers. I'll always be grateful to you, Cate, and to BitchBuzz for being such a wonderful part of my life over the last four years. Good luck with everything you go on to do in the future x

Lori Smith
Fri, 18-Jan-2013 11:59 GMT

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Friday 18th Jan 2013 is the last day BitchBuzz will be updated, this site now serves only as an archive.